Social Media Swag Step 2: Make Digital Footprints in the Sand

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We are told to BRAND YOURSELF. Sounds simple enough. With today’s social media, that should be easy. But what I’ve realized since doing the Branding Superstar University Teleclasses, many don’t BRAND or promote because they really don’t know your TRUE brand identity.

You have a lot of skills, abilities and experiences – and a dream – but you don’t know how to leverage your background, gifts and passion into a real viable BRAND and business. Well, here is Step 2 of the 7 Social Media Swag steps:

Make Digital Footprints in the Sand

          Who are you? What do you do? What do you specialize in? These are all vital questions to ask when it comes to branding yourself in the social media. Make sure that wherever you go, with every digital footprint you make, that your brand is the same. Be consistent. Don’t create a brand for encouragement and inspiration, but post negative, depressing updates on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This contradicts your ultimate branding of being one who encourages and inspires. Your Twitter and Facebook page should match your professional website. Your website should match your fan page. Your fan page should match your YouTube videos. And so on…

Don’t confuse people. They need to see your brand and instantly know who you are and what you stand for. Take Coach for example. The Facebook page and website for Coach products should reflect the same brand. And because of the reputation Coach has built, when you see a product, you can immediately tell if it is created by Coach. The same should ring true of your brand.

In this digital age, people have ADD. You have to capture their attention within a split second or you could lose them forever. However, if you have successfully branded yourself, they will recognize you and feel comfortable with whatever product you are promoting. There’s a certain comfort level people search for in brands.

For example, if you visit Paris, but aren’t familiar with the restaurants, and you see the golden arches, you will more than likely eat at McDonald’s. You already know what their food tastes like and you feel comfortable with the brand. The same is true of Starbuck’s. When you visit a Starbuck’s, you expect a certain level of quality and great atmosphere, no matter the location.

It’s not just the brand; it’s the logo. That logo signifies everything that is behind the brand. The time you’ve invested. The information you’ve shared. The trust you’ve built. The logo is a culmination of everything you’ve done for people to notice you, know you, understand you, and recognize your brand ultimately. It is the promise to your customers.

    Confusion destroys your brand. The equity and time you put into building your brand can be destroyed overnight by you simply doing something different and offbeat. Be known as an expert for whatever it is that you do. If you’re in business, your goal is to provide customers with your area of expertise. But it’s up to you to make sure you are known for just that.


Share, don’t sell, information to your customers so that they not only come to know you as an expert, but they trust you. So as you make your digital footprints in the sand, make sure your brand tracks look identical to the ones you have made before!

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