Social Media Utilization for a Strong Fan Base

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Authors need to know: Building a strong fan base can seem daunting at first, especially to a new writer that doesn’t have anything published. But it is something that is essential to your success. What most agents and publishers want to see, even before you are published, is that you can gather a real following and self promote. MINISTRY MARKETING SOLUTIONS

They want to know that you are willing and capable of promoting yourself, because despite what many writers may think, self-promotion is a huge factor in the success of a new book.

But where does a writer start?

Two words. Social media.

Social media can be intimidating, but once you think of it as a virtual mixer where you can showcase your personality, skills, and products, you will quickly become acclimated to powerful online community.

Remember something very important. Quality over quantity is key when you are targeting true followers.

One of the things that many people don’t understand about social media is that it is less about the number of followers and likes that you have on Twitter and Facebook, but more about the relationships you create with these followers.

Think about it. Who is more likely to buy your book once it’s published? The 100 followers that you’ve never said a word to, or the 10 Twitter followers you greeted and started a genuine conversation with? I think we all know which one that will be. There will be a dramatic increase in followers that actually value you as more than a stranger online if you take the time to build relationships.

Another important factor for obtaining followers that actually stick around is to provide quality content. Don’t just flood the feed with self-promotion. Share valuable links to other blogs and writing sites. Share quotes. People love them! Popular movie lines, book quotes, writer quotes, and tips are all good places to start.

Once you start using Twitter, you will quickly see that there should be an even exchange. Another important part of utilizing Twitter properly is following back.

Do it!

Why? Because if you don’t, they will unfollow you, and you will have lost a potential reader.

So make it a point to not only follow back your Twitter followers, but start a friendly conversation with them. A simple “Thank you for following,” or “Welcome. Have a lovely day,” goes a long way.

They will remember your name, and your kindness.

pam perry pr

pam perry pr

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