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Speakers Magazine Launched at Power Networking Conference

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There was a survey done recently with meeting planners, people who spend money to book paid speakers. And one of the questions that they
were asked is, “How do you find speakers for your event?” The number one response that they gave was, “We find speakers by word-of-mouth.”

Well, as a PR Coach, I got tired of great speakers constantly overlooked because they don’t have the STAR POWER needed to be noticed.  So, we created Speakers Magazine. It launched at Power Networking Conference with the conference host, Dr. George Fraser on the cover!  Full cover, 16 pages to start but a tool for speakers to sharpen their skills, get noticed by the right people and leverage their assets.

One of the big mistakes that I see speakers making all the time is they try to pattern themselves after their favorite motivational speaker. That’s a big mistake. One of the biggest things that I hear people who’ve paid money to book speakers saying is, “We want speakers who are unique. We want
speakers who have a unique message and who have a unique presentation.” Don’t try to copy people’s approach or materials, or material that you hear in their seminar. What you want to do is learn from everyone and then take the material and make it unique to you.

The most powerful asset of what you bring to the platform is your unique story; therefore, your unique beliefs, your unique take on a
particular topic or subject. By bringing that to the platform in a unique way, you’ll distinguish and you’ll set yourself apart.

You’ll build a following. People will want to book you. They’ll want to bring you back in. It’s really the key to differentiating yourself in the

These are some of the things we’ll be covering in Speakers Magazine.  #success4speakers

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