Episode 51: Speakers – Stop Making Sales Calls! Here’s How to Get Hirers to Call YOU

You can get hired for speaking engagements by contacting event planners and hosts directly, but you can get them to call you AND grow an audience (and your credibility) at the same time.

When you pour your knowledge and expertise into books, articles, blog posts, videos, or a podcast, you’re creating a body of work that will support you for years to come.

With the right positioning, promotion, and publicity, you can build a following of people who love what you say, admire what you do, and buy what you sell.

You’ll also prove the relevance of your message, mastery of your craft, and your ability to engage an audience – and that’s what event planners, hosts, journalists, and the media love to see.

So, to get your phone ringing and your private messages pinging, listen to this episode and learn: what people looking for a speaker are actually looking for, 5 powerful ways to share your expertise, your key to connecting to ideal clients, the one thing your copywriting MUST have (and it ain’t SEO), who’s watching you on social media, 3 more ways to spread your message … and more!

One of the best ways to close sales is when people call YOU – when they seek you out.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Speakers! Here’s how to get the competitive advantage...
  • What everyone who is looking for a speaker actually wants
  • Why robust systems are essential to your success
  • What your book should have for them – and do for you
  • 5 powerful ways to share your expertise
  • With people calling you, here’s what you’re free to do...
  • Do the people you know, know this about you?
  • You hold this key to connecting with ideal clients
  • The one thing your copywriting MUST have (and it ain’t SEO)
  • How to find out what your ideal client really wants
  • Here’s who’s watching you on social media
  • Why traditional media has more weight than social media
  • 3 more ways to spread your message … and none of them are TikTok!
  • What you’ll really love about these inbound calls


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