Turn Your Expertise into a Profitable Speaking Business that Amplifies Your Influence

When it comes to leading corporations or practicing in law, medicine, education or mental health, you’re at the pinnacle of your field and have the accolades and achievements to prove it. Your expertise is unmatched and your accomplishments are undeniable.

Now you’re ready to take the next step by getting paid to speak. You’ve booked some engagements here and there, but know your wisdom warrants so much more.

And you’re starting to wonder if there’s a “missing piece” because the speaking offers you’re getting don’t align with your expertise level.

You know you’ve put in the time and work to drench audiences in a wealth of knowledge.

You know you should be landing more lucrative opportunities.

You know you deserve to be paid well for your brilliance.

If you’re one of the 20 hand-picked experts to join Speak Sell Shine, we’ll reveal every proven strategy to fill your calendar with well-compensated speaking opportunities.

We’ll unlock the missing piece so you can finally get the gigs and pay that reflect your brilliance. Audiences will see your expertise, hear your voice, and you’ll finally claim the opportunity to showcase your wisdom center stage.

Your Ticket to Speak Sell Shine

The mastery of your field makes you a sought-after subject matter expert. Now it’s time to get paid for sharing your invaluable knowledge. The key to doing so is positioning yourself as a high-value resource – and that’s precisely what you’ll learn at Speak Sell Shine.


This exclusive 2-day event in Washington D.C. is for accomplished professionals ready to amplify their influence. On October 5-6, 2023, at the prestigious National Press Club, you’ll get the proven framework to land lucrative speaking opportunities.

Imagine finally leveraging your years working as a C-suite executive, lawyer, doctor, therapist or other professional to unlock the revenue you deserve. Our proven-to-work strategies will equip you to pitch yourself powerfully, shine on stage and convert audience members into buyers.

You already bring tremendous expertise to the table. You’ll gain the skills to turn your knowledge into a profitable revenue stream at Speak Sell Shine. Your potential will be limitless between sessions with an Emmy-winning speaker, connecting with fellow high-achievers, and building rock-solid branding assets.

Translation: There’s no other event like this where you’ll gain access to a concentrated dose of battle-tested strategies to catapult you into the highly-paid speaking circuit. You’ll walk away with everything needed to establish yourself as a leading voice that commands top dollar.

The only question is… Will you answer the call and claim your place among influential powerhouses? Only 20 spots are available for Speak Sell Shine. Secure yours now.

Shining the Spotlight on Your Expertise

Other events send you home with insight, ideas and to-do lists. Yet, Speak Sell Shine goes beyond knowledge to equip you with tangible assets to build a lucrative speaking career.

This breakthrough experience starts with pre-event mentoring from Emmy Award winning speaker Ryan Dohrn. Then at the event, you’ll get an invaluable toolkit to establish your authority and income potential, including:

  • A media interview at the National Press Club conducted by a media professional PLUS a training on how to master the 2-minute interview with broadcast veteran, Christie Taylor.
  • A professional photoshoot by a National Press Club photographer along with multiple professional headshots and videos you can use for marketing. (Makeup by a Press Club makeup artist and styling tips from a professional image consultant included.)
  • Video footage of you on stage at the Press Club doing a TED-like Talk in front of media personalities and select meeting planners - who will be available to give you feedback over lunch.
  • A speaker reel of your talk and interview PLUS testimonials from audience guests.
  • Behind-the-scenes video and images from the National Press Club for social media content.
  • A press release and speaker one sheet developed by award winning publicists, Pam Perry and Alegra Hall.
  • Lifetime access to the Speak Sell Shine database of media outlets, event planners, associations and 3 million podcasters looking for guests.
  • Story placement in notable publications such as in Newsbreak, USA Wire, New York Weekly and Speakers magazine.
  • 60 days of ongoing post-event support with Pam, Ryan or Alegra to ensure your success.
  • A marketing and promotions workbook filled with sales scripts, sample emails for following up, publicity resources, sample media pitches to national publications and TV shows, a video equipment list for virtual talks and podcasts and sample contracts and riders.

Know that the value doesn’t end after the 2-day event. We’ll immediately put your new branding assets to work by sending them to our network of over 500 niche specific meeting planners and associations. This gives you instant exposure and even more opportunities to get booked for lucrative speaking gigs. 

With Speak Sell Shine, you won’t just get the training to establish yourself as an in-demand speaker. We’ll personally make the connections to fast-track your success. Our exclusive corporate relationships mean your polished branding materials will land directly in the hands of decision-makers looking for experts like you.

So not only will you walk away with the skills and resources to confidently pursue top-paid speaking opportunities, but we’ll have your back every step of the way. Our reach in the industry takes your positioning to the next level.

Where Wisdom Meets Results

One thing we know for sure – you will NOT leave Speak Sell Shine the same way you arrived. This event will transform you from the moment you submit your application to, if selected, until long after the 2-day event ends.

This event delivers the total package for establishing a speaking career as lucrative as your expertise. You won’t just learn the strategies – you’ll walk away with the resources and relationships needed to activate them immediately.

Here’s a sneak peek at how we’ll spend our time together:

Sit for your one-on-one media interview and get camera-ready for a photo shoot that promises to leave you with a professional portfolio of branding assets to establish your authority and boost your booking power.

You’ll leave with compelling interview highlights, polished headshots, and candid photos to share on your website, media kit, and social platforms.

These branding materials make you stand out as a leading voice in your field. Use them throughout your marketing to build familiarity and influence as an elite speaker.

Day 1 also includes intensive small-group training sessions. Get hands-on coaching to advance your skills in delivering bold pitches, engaging audiences and converting listeners into buyers. 

Speak Sell Shine isn’t just about learning – it’s about doing. It’s where you’ll learn to put the techniques into practice in real-time. Discover how to refine your presence and positioning with guidance from an Emmy-Awarding winning speaker who will give you personalized guidance on how to navigate the speaking profession. And leave with the assets and abilities to establish yourself as an in-demand speaker.

On Day 2, put your skills into action by delivering a 10-minute TED-style talk. Get real-time feedback from a live audience to refine your on-stage presence.

You’ll also get insider media training (and advice from media professionals) to confidently connect with top media outlets and land features that boost your credibility and validate you as a leading voice.

Intensive small-group sessions continue to provide personalized guidance. Master the art and science of engaging presentations that convert audience members into clients. 

Leave equipped to showcase your brilliance on any stage or platform. With proven frameworks and priceless insights, your talents as a speaker will shine through.

NOTE: Space is limited for this 2-day event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Don’t miss this career-defining opportunity to establish yourself as an in-demand speaker booking high-value opportunities.

Your time is now. If you’re ready to unlock your full potential as a highly respected and compensated expert, apply for Speak Sell Shine today.

Meet the Powerhouses Behind Speak Sell Shine

Ryan Dohrn has graced the stage at more than 1,000 live events and is known for captivating audiences with his unique perspectives on personal growth, leadership, sales, team building and over 20 other topics.

As a top motivational speaker and business strategist, Ryan won an Emmy Award for sales and marketing excellence while working for ABC TV/Walt Disney Co. Ryan has also been recognized by Forbes.com with the “Best of the Web” award for his business strategies.

One of the youngest managers in Walt Disney history, Ryan’s management insights, sales strategies and marketing expertise has been featured in USA Today and on CNN.

A few topics Ryan typically speaks on, include how to:

  • Demystify the speaker contract and use winning negotiation tactics
  • Elevate yourself as an unforgettable speaker who stays booked year-round
  • Strengthen your speaking and selling skills
  • Sell from the stage and develop relationships that last
  • Get “in” with speakers bureaus and build your profile as a valuable resource in the speaking community

Dr. Pam Perry is an award-winning marketing communications and PR professional. She is the publisher of Speakers magazine and podcast host of “The Speakers Magazine Show” on ROKU. Notably named a “PR Guru” by Publishers Weekly, Dr. Pam helps established experts and experienced entrepreneurs stand out from the competition and attract new clients with their buzz-worthy stories. 

Dr. Pam’s clients have been featured on CNN, TBN, The Word Network, CNBC, Oprah magazine, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, PBS and many other major media outlets.

Alegra Hall is a former TV producer and journalist and founder of My Media Buzz, a full-service media production company that handles on-the-ground video production and video post-production, too.

Known as a storyteller for startups and a 5-star writer, Alegra is a member of the National Press Club and was one of 130 Black woman-owned businesses acknowledged by NASDAQ.

A few topics you can expect Dr. Pam and Alegra to cover at the event include how to:

  • Avoid common mistakes in securing media features
  • Develop a speaker website and sizzle reel that dramatically increases your chances of getting booked
  • Amplify your visibility and credibility by scoring more TV and radio interviews
  • Brand yourself on the internet and offline so you boost your chances of becoming a highly sought-after speaker
  • Get (and stay) camera-ready and buzz-worthy
  • Launch a podcast and publish a book to get you more opportunities to land speaking gigs and media features

Imagine networking with these 3 powerhouses and making a name for yourself as a well-paid speaker. Seize the opportunity to make it a reality by submitting your application today to become one of the talented speakers we choose to join us.

Space for this 2-day event at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington D.C., is very limited.

You now know what to expect at Speak Sell Shine – the unparalleled value, results and expertise we bring. But there’s one more crucially important point. 

Many can show you how to land speaking gigs. But how many will teach you how to build a lucrative speaking empire? 

That’s our specialty. We’ll provide the insider strategies and contacts to convert your knowledge into income by revealing how to:

  • Package and position high-value offers that capture audiences and drive sales
  • Transition from free talks to premium paid engagements
  • Fill your calendar with profitable bookings month after month

The bottom line is this: If you’re ready to catapult your influence and income as an in-demand speaker and subject matter expert for the media, apply now. 

Your application is the first step toward the lucrative speaking career you want and deserve. Take it today.