Episode 19: Streaming Video for Small Businesses with guest Zondra Evans

Whether you’re retired from corporate or readying to, are mid-career, or a business owner, you’ll love my interview with award-winning network executive Zondra Evans from the ZondraTV Network!

After 4 decades in corporate with 20 years in leadership roles, Zondra retired to write, speak, and lead women in a big way – and then she was pointed toward even bigger goals.

Using God-given guidance on everything from pivoting to pricing, Zondra went to start a YouTube channel and ended up running a streaming media network with the potential to reach more than 200 million viewers.

Listen in to hear about her post-retirement reboot, how streaming video affects cable TV plus the new opportunities available to you, the importance of an exit strategy (even if you’re an employee), 3 ways you can get involved with ZondraTV, the power she found in her name, what it’s like to be on a faith walk … and more!

“Streaming is the new TV … it’s not new but it’s now. This is the way people are being heard; this is the way people are growing their business.” – Zondra Evans

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! There IS life after retirement – just ask Zondra 😊 
  • She went to start a YouTube video, but she got a media network #whaaaa
  • What TV looks like now
  • True Story! How this Baby Boomer bounced back from a disappointment
  • God’s nudge to build her streaming TV network
  • The leadership-loving Zondra TV lineup
  • Free streaming channels vs subscription-based streaming
  • 3 ways your company can get involved in Zondra TV and where to start
  • Wow! How many hats does this network executive wear?
  • The power Zondra found in using her God-given name
  • Are you an author-speaker who wants to be on ZTV? Here’s how to get started…


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