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Ten Ways to Think like the Top 1 Percent [Guest Blogger, Dr. Carmen Thomas]

Carmen Thomas

The top 1% aren’t just working harder than the bottom 99%. You can’t fake your way to the top. High levels of success do require hard work, but the work must be smart, too. The bottom 99% are focused on the wrong things, prioritize short-term comfort over success, and fail to take enough action by networking and creating systems.

Guest blogger: Dr. Carmen Thomas, author/speaker

The top 1% aren’t smarter or more capable, but they do use their time wisely and manage themselves effectively.

Understand the differences between the top 1% and everyone else:

  1. Being a trailblazer is just as great as being the best when the end result equals success. A quote goes, “Do the stuff that your passionate about and the best you will appear! and “Imitation is a form of flattery!” While the average person that wants to aspire to great accomplishments is concerned with being the best, the ultra-successful look for ways to be unique and avoid competition. Create a new market or field. Be the only one, Be the trendsetter, Be the trailblazer! (For Now!)
  2. They attack the day early. They get a good start on the day. While the other 99% are trying to figure out what to do, the top 1% are already busy. They have enthusiasm in the morning and make the most of the early hours.
  3. Action trumps knowledge. The top 1% are knowledgeable, but they know a secret. A good plan that is followed aggressively and persistently always beats a great plan that’s implemented half-heartedly.
  • Know what you need to know and then get busy making it happen. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge is often fear in disguise.
  1. Goals are achieved by systems. A system of eating nutritiously and exercising results in health and fitness. A system of saving and investing leads to wealth. The top 1% look for effective systems to implement. With the right systems in place, goals are attained automatically.
  2. They have priorities. Having too many priorities results in having none. You can’t be a world-class fashion designer, gymnast, chef, and hair stylist. Be strong enough to narrow down your priorities to the few that truly matter the most to you. Having too many priorities is a path to mediocrity.
  3. The top 1% make networking a priority. You can never have too many friends. Good networking skills can be learned by anyone. Having many long-term acquaintances can be powerful. You’ll have a constant supply of assistance and opportunities. Knowing the right people is an important part of becoming part of the top 1%.
  4. They make money a priority. They’re not just good at saving. They’re also good at investing their money wisely. They pay their bills on time, avoid unnecessary debt, and get professional help when necessary. Manage your money wisely and join them.
  5. They are aware of their weaknesses. The top 1% know what they can and can’t do. They avoid their weaknesses or find a way to deal with them. They create a team that is strong in their weakness. Play to your strengths.
  6. They focus on the long term. Delaying gratification is a key to becoming highly successful. Let the average people satisfy their short-term cravings. Keep your eye on the grand prize. Continue to invest in your dream
  7. They emphasize finding solutions to their challenges. The key to making a lot of money or achieving challenging goals is resolving your challenges. Search for solutions and avoid getting too hung up on the issue itself. Don’t focus on making money first, they focus on solving problems, creating opportunities and making a positive difference.

Set your priorities and stick to them. Manage your money wisely and network like your life depends on it. Focus on developing the right systems to achieve your goals and emphasize action. Only action will bring the results you desire.

The key to true success is doing what you love. Jim Rohn

The world was created with a system then the creator rested! Six days of work, 7 day is rest!

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Today is the BEST day of your life, because you have made a decision to identify your gift and do purpose.

Dr. Carmen Thomas

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