Episode 26: The Black Press – Get the Scoop from Jill L. Day and Aaron Foley, Mother & Son Media Mavens

As you’ll hear me say in this episode: ‘Black Lives Matter’ trended all of 2020, and it was the t-shirt that everybody wore. But black lives – and black voices – mattered way back before that.

And, look … it’s great to have support from our allies, but no one else can tell our story the way we can, no one else is as invested in our story as we are, and no one else will watch over us, watch out for us, listen to us, and speak for us like we will.

THAT is why we will always need the black press.

So, listen in to find out how you can support and be supported by the black press, including: an ugly myth about the black press, pro tips for pitching your story, why your writing skills could be your PR advantage, the black press’ main role and other vital mission, how the black press has suffered since the shift from print to digital, why relevance is key to the survival of the black press, crucial questions the industry needs to answer … and more!

“There’s always going to be a need for a watchdog. That was the special niche for any kind of cultural press” – Jill L. Day

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why the Michigan Chronicle was (and is) an important newspaper
  • How the talent and gift for journalism is passed down
  • The great debate: When was Aaron’s first byline…?😁
  • How Aaron and CUNY’s Black Media Initiative support the black press
  • The main role of the black press
  • The other vital role of the black press
  • How the shift from print to digital impacted the black press
  • A simple thing you can do to support the black press
  • The ugly myth about the black press
  • How Google News Initiative is stepping up for people of color
  • The silent struggle of digital publications
  • What makes a black press outlet a black press outlet?
  • Why relevancy is key to the black press
  • Pro tips for pitching your story to the black press
  • True Story x 2: Your writing skills could be your PR advantage…


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