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You hear that content is king on the internet. In order to have Social Media Swag, you need valuable, good, remarkable information to share.  Good news travels fast….and remarkable information goes viral today online. So here is our Step 3 of the 7 Steps to Social Media Swag series:


Content is King

          People don’t follow a good salesperson. They follow good content. That’s one of the ways people will get to know you, by the content you offer and the value of it. In order to create valuable content, you must research keywords. Search for certain keywords and brand your content so that it contains those keywords. This will allow you to receive numerous hits without a potential customer ever knowing your name.

  For example, if someone is searching for Pam Perry, they may use keywords such as PR coach, PR guru, ministry marketing, and so on. When someone enters any of these keywords, my website, blog or even my Facebook page should come up in the search results page. The ultimate goal is to be the first or second result on the search results page. If you come in any other place below that, you risk the user entering new search keywords, which may not be tagged for your business. Whether it’s a list of things to do (or not to do) or top ten tips, provide good, valuable content so that there is no question that you know what you are talking about.

      A good resource to use when trying to determine keywords is This tool not only allows you to enter keywords, but if you click Get Keyword Ideas, it will provide you with other keywords to use. Use these keywords in your blogs, youtubes, eblasts, social media profiles and of course, your website. But even with keywords, if you have a similar name, like Jessica Jones, you want to make sure you are posting enough valuable content on the Internet so that you come up first in a person’s search results. Even though the other Jessica Jones in the world may have nothing more than a Facebook page, you don’t want customers to confuse the two.

You have to constantly be active online. People love people that provide information for free. For example, author Seth Godin provided his entire book for free as an eBook before he released the hardcover copy. Because so many loved the electronic version of the book, they purchased a hard copy of the book once it was released, making it a New York Times Bestseller.

You can’t give away too much content. If it genuinely came from you, there is more from where that came from. With every article you write, every video you post, and every status you update, you throw more content out onto the web to brand you all the more. The more content you share, the more people come to recognize you as an expert and will realize the value of your information and ultimately, support your business.

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  • This is getting more and more interesting. I need to take my time and really analyze your blog. This reminds me of the weapons that David used against Goliath. He knew that he was unbeatable, and so do I.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for your information. I agree that knowlegde is power, and the more we know the better we understand all process for getting from point a to b.

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