The Undeniable Tools You Need to Get Out There and Stand Out Like a Superstar [video]

gisele bonds branding superstar accelerator with pam perry

If you want to position yourself as a “superstar” in your industry, you’ve got to have the right tools to be seen, heard and taken seriously. Of course, I’m assuming you have the talent, the drive and the credentials. My goal as a publicist and PR coach is to make sure you maximize your USP (unique selling position) and create a brand so you look AND get paid like a superstar. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

    1. Have good photos. It really is the basis for everything and the basic part of your brand (besides a logo).  And not just a head shot – though that’s necessary – but you need to have photos like you’re on the red carpet, like you’re on a cover a magazine. You need shots that demonstrate your brand. It needs the right colors, props and backgrounds so that you can use these pics in a variety of ways. Think of yourself as a product and we are creating book covers, banners, magazine spreads, notepads and ads with your photos. So, they have to be breathtaking and 100% professional. This may mean that you really think this through.  You’ll need a style consultation, a branding photographer, a makeup artist (this is for the ladies), props like your computer, iPad or your favorite spot where you meet clients. What I always suggest before you book a photo shoot – is to have a shot list of the type of pictures you want.  😎 Let the photographer know what you’re going to be using them for. Write out your vision for the shoot and explain to the photographer who your ideal client is – and how you want to appeal to them.  A good photographer can capture the “feelings” you want to convey.  Because this is so important (and I see a lot of authors/speakers, entrepreneurs and experts get this wrong – I have put together a “branding superstar accelerator” workshop and photo shoot. It will be in Detroit and the photo and glam team is from California.   br2. You need press clips for your press kit. This is proof that you are the “real deal.”  You need media. You need more than Facebook and Instagram to be positioned and taken seriously as a expert, speaker or a reputable and credible author today.  Hey, I’m all for social media. It’s a tool – but it will not get you the superstar success like being on TV, heard on radio and written up in magazines. I always say start local, move into regional and then go national. But it starts with having a good story, a polished online presence, having some media training and knowing how to leverage any media you get.  For example, in one of our recent issues of Speakers Magazine, one of the speakers sent the magazine where she was featured to various conference hosts, event planners and convention bureaus, and guess what happened? 💡 She got speaking gigs! Not just free ones. In less than 90 days, she has booked over $10,000 in speaking engagements. When she called me to let me know, she quickly said, “And now I’m going to invest some of that back into myself. I set up another photo shoot and I’m going to run another advertorial in Speakers again in April.”  Yep, girlfriend, gets it. She’s very strategic and knows how to work it. See the trailer below from our most recent Speakers Magazine. Also, if you want to meet the media FACE to FACE ➡ Here’s an event in May you should definitely check out with Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever: Speakers Magazine will be there. If you’re serious about getting MAJOR media – you should be there too.

3. Finally, every superstar has their own logo, signage, banners – and they have other “branded” marketing materials that match their brand like business cards, table cloths, podium cover and even a microphone cover. Yep. If you’re a speaker, stand out from the crowd with your own podium cover and mic flag. And finally, if you’re a speaker, please have a “sizzle” reel of yourself speaking. I can’t tell you how many times people come up to me who want to speak for a living and don’t have a video “trailer” of themselves speaking!  At the very least, have a speaker sheet that gives me your speaking topics and your SNAPPY bio. (NO boring bios, please!) Think about it, why would I buy your product if you’re not showing me or demonstrating to me that you are everything you say you are.  A conference host or an event planner wants to see professional marketing materials. These are tools of the trade.  Think of yourself as a product. Create a campaign for yourself and stay on message and put your brand in the best possible light.  Need help pulling this all together? Join my mentoring program, I got through all this stuff in detail and you can ask me questions and I answer them live via our FB group. 
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