🎄 This is Christmas is Different All The Way Around But Still #Grateful [Rewind Video]


This year has been tough. The pandemic plagued our world and many died of COVID-19, many personal friends of mine too.  Just when we were about to turn the corner to a new year, new chapter of our lives and leave 2020 behind, I get news that my Godson was in a fatal accident. He died. Only 28 years old. My heart stopped. My screams could have been heard for miles while in the car I was driving when I got the news….tears gushing uncontrollably and feeling like I could NOT catch my breath. I couldn’t breathe.

That was Tuesday. Today is Saturday. My God son’s mother, Portia Lockett, birthday was today. A milestone birthday too. How different we thought today would have been – she had planned to be on beach in Islands – instead we’re in shock and planning a funeral.

But God. He will give us peace that passes all understanding.  For me,  He directs me to what I need moment by moment.. Today I was lead to look up on google the word – “Christmas and my name Pam Perry” to see what I had written last year on my blog.

What I found was even better – and it blessed me so much. I found a video I produced 10 years ago thanking friends, clients, mentors and anyone who blessed my life.  I stopped – listened to the song accompanying the video – and realized the words were something I really needed NOW.

I hope it blesses you too.

No matter what happened in the past, God’s got you. Keep believing. Keep dreaming and always stay grateful.

Azal LockettRest in Peace & Power Godson, Love YOU, Azal. 

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Marc - December 20, 2020 Reply

There’s so much power in gratitude. You are the most thoughtful person that I know. It’s all about love and letting people they are significant and that you care.

    Pam Perry - December 20, 2020 Reply


Toye - December 21, 2020 Reply

I know you all have the secret sauce to healing your hearts, still sending condolences.🙏🏾

    Pam Perry - January 6, 2021 Reply

    Thank you Toye!

Tonacida Dixon - December 29, 2020 Reply

#ButGod… “A Mother’s love is Unparalleled and Unequivocal to None”…. T.Dixon.. Poem I wrote for my son the late Phillip G. Wallace… I don’t watch the news and this is why… My heart Breaks and Weeps for Mother’s/Fathers children siblings, family and friends when it’s fatal tragic and senseless death.. Nothing will be normal again in her life… I know my pain and I know it’s “GOD”, that keeps me daily… Sending sincere prayers in the moments, hours, days, months and years to come.. These are the #ButGod moments when they will need them the most…

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