Episode 40: To Get the Publicity You Want, Give the Media What They Need

As a publicist, I get to hear what journalists, producers, editors, and other media professionals love, like, and hate -- plus what they wish for, what they need, and what they know.

And the truth is that most people don’t really ‘get’ what the media is for or what a publicist really does, so they struggle to get the publicity they want because they don’t give the media -- or their publicist -- what’s needed.

Listen in to get the inside scoop on what the media is looking for, including: public relations in a nutshell and its best analogy ever, the 4 characteristics of a top-notch story, the 4 types of media (and which one you pay for), your connections to the black media, how to make FOMO work for you, press release do’s and don’ts, why your email pitch has to be short, why it pays to be nice … and more!

Publicity is not for ego. It’s not ego marketing; it is marketing to really move forward to serve, to sell something” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • PR in a nutshell
  • The 4 characteristics of a top-notch story
  • 5 things you’ll need to provide to a publicist
  • Can you name the 4 types of media?
  • The best publicity analogy ever lol😆
  • My 4-step process for getting out there to get known
  • The thin line between paid media and earned media
  • 4 things often missing from email pitches (and journalists really need them)
  • How to make FOMO work for you
  • Success Story! How I got journalists to remember my clients
  • Your Do's and Don'ts for press releases
  • 3 resources for connecting with the black media
  • 2 ways to give back for your media exposure
  • The biggest no-no when pitching to the press
  • My pro tip for your book launch press release


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