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Top 10 Reasons To Have a Top 10 List by Dr. Laureen Wishom

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It is always a plus to have a Top 10 List on a topic that interests your ideal clients.

A Top 10 List can demonstrate your understanding of their issues, provide concrete information they can use immediately, tastefully promote your products, services and invite them to take a next step (e.g. opt-in to a new promotional item; contact you or make a purchase).

They Get You Noticed and Remembered

1. You’re the Expert. A Top 10 List establishes you as a credible expert in solving the problems of your ideal client.

2. You Remain on Their Minds. People are much more likely to keep, share and remember useful and well-written information about a topic they care about (especially when compared to a business card or brochure that’s all about YOU). For your ideal client, a Top 10 List answers the question “what’s in it for me?”

You Can Build on Them

3. Build Your Signature. The information in your Top 10 List can provide the structure for countless other projects – keynote speeches, presentations, longer articles or coaching programs.

4. Generate Passive Revenue. Top 10 Lists can be expanded to create a series of passive revenue products such as tip booklets (write 10 Top 10 Lists and you’ve got 100 tips!), special reports, e-books, home study programs or workbooks.

5. Create a Series. A series of Top 10 Lists are especially suitable for recurring marketing campaigns such as email or printed newsletters.

They are Fun and People Love Them

6. Break it Down into Small Increments. Top 10 Lists break information down into digestible chunks that are easy for the reader to absorb.

7. Easy to Skim. People are busy. Top 10 Lists are easy to skim and they are easy to come back to later when there’s more time. Even if they only skim your list, carefully chosen titles will still deliver valuable information to the busy reader.

They Fit into a Marketing Plan

8. Passive Online Marketing. Twenty-four hours a day, website visitors can access your Top 10 List, in exchange for their name and email address. While you sleep, you’re building a database of prospective clients who are genuinely interested in the problems that you can solve. You’re then free to follow-up with them however and whenever you choose.

9. Something to Hand Over. As I mentioned in #2, people are more likely to hang onto information they can use. So when you’ve made a great contact, let them know right away that you’ve got valuable information to share (and more where that came from!).

10. Viral Effect. You can syndicate your articles at websites such as EzineArticles. These sites receive hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. The more specific your topic is, the more likely someone who’s looking for JUST what you’re offering will notice it. Not only will individuals find and read your article, but publishers are also visiting these sites to find content for their website and publications.

Finish your Top 10 list with one brief paragraph (sometimes called an “Author’s Resource Box”) about you, your products and services. You should include a link to your website, and/or details about a special offer you’re making.

Now is a great time for you to get started on your Top 10 list. What ten solutions are YOUR clients looking for?

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