Episode 46: Top Tips for Pitching to TV Producers, with MSNBC Producer Tamisha Harris

Do you want to be on TV and shine as an author, speaker, or subject matter expert? Well, every network, station, and show has its gatekeepers, and the key to unlocking every door is a properly packaged pitch.

So, if your pitch has gone out to TV producers but never gets a reply, you’ll want to listen closely to this week’s guest, Tamisha Harris, currently a show producer at MSNBC whose resumé includes Warner, ABC, CBS, and Disney.

I’ve loved her from afar and marvel at what she’s doing, which makes this interview a treat for you and me both!

Listen in to learn: what TV producers are looking for in a guest, how to properly package your pitch, and 2 ways to make sure your pitch is timely and relevant, plus why Tamisha will look over your Instagram before your LinkedIn, when her experience was more important than her education, what happens when a black woman is in charge … and more!

Without the subject matter experts, we don’t have TV ... but we need people who understand the business and how to package themselves.” – Tamisha Harris

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Why you need a mentor or an internship
  • True Story! Follow your passion, get hired for your dream job
  • Hot tip! How to self-teach at the college level on any topic
  • True Story! Education is important, but experience is essential
  • Are producers ignoring your pitch? Here are two reasons why...
  • Your first step and your first stop for newsjacking or piggy-backing
  • Need to get relevant? Your calendar is the key...
  • Pop Quiz! Do you need to learn AP style before you pitch?
  • Before you pitch: 3 places to research demographics
  • Why we need more Blacks in the media’s management
  • Here’s why your Instagram is more important than LinkedIn
  • Why you have to properly package your pitch
  • The #1 thing producers are looking for in a guest


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