Episode 54: Turn Your Purpose into a Paycheck with Nicole Roberts Jones

Do you hate your job, or just feel like you’re meant for something more, better, or different?

Then lean back and listen up, because this week’s guest is Nicole Roberts Jones, whose specialty is helping you uncover your natural gifts and transform them into multiple streams of income – even if you already have a full-time job!

Here’s the key: When you’re not sure who you are, who you serve, or what you’re here to do, it’s impossible to build a truly successful business. But when you have clarity of purpose, it’s easier to find your people, get media publicity, and earn a much bigger paycheck.

So join me and Nicole – who was born to help you bankroll your brilliance – and learn how to make a living with your gifts and talents, including: where to look for your natural gifts, the basis of Beyonce’s big breakthrough, sneak peeks at Nicole’s Find Your Fierce framework and Be The Answer blueprint, why it's always a mistake to pimp your gift … and more!

A confused mind does not buy … and a confused person does not serve.” – Nicole Roberts Jones

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Where to look for your natural gifts
  • Need clarity of purpose? Answer these 3 questions...
  • Why trying to be everywhere will get you nowhere
  • True Story! Her zone of brilliance was in her blindspot
  • Sasha Fierce: The basis of Beyonce’s big breakthrough
  • True Story! Doing big work but earning small change
  • Sneak Peek: The core 4 of Nicole’s Find Your Fierce framework
  • Why copying other people’s profitable work won’t ever work for you
  • How to find out what people will pay you for
  • The big lie about building a business
  • Sneak Peek: Nicole’s Be The Answer blueprint
  • True Story! How actress Kim Coles kept earning while Hollywood was shut down
  • How to earn 2 full-time paychecks (without going crazy)
  • What your book is really for, and how to make it earn more
  • True Story! Pam’s big mindset shift about working with “broke folk”


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