Episode 30: A TV Journalist’s Journey with Kristen L. Pope – Producer, Writer, and Award-Winning Journalist

Wherever you are along your lifeline – just starting out, coasting on hard-won momentum, or ready to try something new – you’ll enjoy this inspiring interview with award-winning journalist, producer, and writer, Kristen L. Pope.

Kristen has always valued a good story, so a career in TV journalism was a perfect fit. And when she saw how good stories about black people always fell to the bottom of the newscast (or fell right off it🙄), she dialed it up to produce The Positive Controversy show, which highlights those positive stories and also black professionals under-represented on network news.

And to impact the future of journalism, Kristen poured her knowledge into her On-Air Academy online course, which helps people of any age – from high schoolers to midlifers – realize their dreams of becoming a television newscaster and shaping how our stories are told.

So, listen in to hear about Kristen’s own “curvy journey,” the trouble with most TV news producers’ priorities, how she went from flunking out of college to straight A’s, her On-Air students’ success stories, the importance of mentorship and lineage, how having a baby affected her brand … and more!

When you add a layer onto your life, your brand expands, and you’ve got to expand with it.” – Kristen L. Pope

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • These 5 words drive what they choose for the news
  • What inspired Kristen to become a producer
  • What black folks told Kristen about distrusting the media
  • True Story! Motivation and success come with doing what you love
  • Here’s what happens when theory meets reality…
  • Plot Twist! How Trevor Noah changed Kristen’s life
  • How to make people listen to what they don’t want to hear
  • The bold move that infinitely expanded Kristen’s reach
  • Who all is reporting the news now? (hint: they’re not all college grads)
  • At times like this one, sooner is much better than later…
  • Why we need young black people to learn news reporting
  • The importance of mentorship when you don’t have lineage
  • True Story! From new student to news anchor in 3 years
  • Want to be a reporter? Here’s what networks are looking for now…
  • When and why to expand your brand


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