[Video] 10 Boss Up Your Business Unblock Your Blessings Lessons Learned with LaShanda Henry and Pam Perry

pam perry and Lashanda Henry

So, I have a twin – we’re just born 20 years apart. My sista friend, SistaSense’s LaShanda Henry. We are both May 26 babies. We met online almost two decades ago and have been business besties ever since.  She turned 40; I turned 60. So together we have a century of wisdom. Watch our birthday video celebration of wise words we shared on via Streamyard on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We are some geeky girls. 🙂

Recite and affirm: I live in an abundant universe. I have access to anything and everything that supports me in the life I love living. I accomplish my work with ease and grace. My work is appreciated and admired and I am generously compensated for all the work that I do. I am grateful for the abundance that I have, and all that is coming to me. 
happy birthday pam and lashanda

mentoring with pam perry

  • Dee Bowden says:

    Happy Birthday enjoy your new year of life.

  • I loved the article and just want to say Happy Soul Day to the both of you amazingly beautiful, phenomenal and extraordinary women! Here’s wishing you total happiness and many more wonderful days ahead! May God continue to protect and bless the both of you abundantly more. Keep empowering the people and stay encouraged! 🙂

    Eric D. Garner a.k.a The Artist!

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