[Video] My Testimony of Why I Love Books. Why I love Working with Authors & Speakers

I’m a bookaholic.  I love books. Books change lives. I know, they changed mine.  And once I found out the power of a good book – I had to tell everybody!  That’s me. I’m the publicist, PR Coach, Marketing Maniac on a mission to share the good news about good books that change lives and propel people into their destiny. Do I have a favorite book? That’s like asking a mother who is their favorite child. They’re all my favorite – I just love some differently that others. 🙂
Well, here’s a video of me from a recent book show with my literary diva friend (40+ books), Sylvia Hubbard. She is the founder of Motown Writers Network.

Here’s a link to my book page on Amazon but below is my newest book, and I’ll be doing a book event soon!