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Pam Perry Speaker Money

I’m excited to be part of this Speaker training event. I’ll be teaching on Publicity and How to Magnify Your Brand.  It’s time for you to get out there and get known. 

Watch this video of me and John Lawson on what will get you OUT THERE in a big way and be visible so you can get speaking gigs.

The Best Marketing Comes from Sharing Your Story Authentically

Here’s the truth about business, whether you’re a coach, an author, a speaker,  a service provider, a dance school, a seller of digital products, or the owner of a local grocery store: not everyone will like you. If you’re posting updates in an effort to never offend, or to attract the largest audience, you likely won’t attract anyone at all.

But when you’re consistent and authentic in your marketing efforts, enough of the right people will absolutely love you.

That starts by being bold and telling your truth everywhere you go. The world is your stage. Join us at the FREE Speaker Money event and pick up tips from experts on how to dominate the stage – and get paid. 

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  • Ty Gray-EL says:

    I’m always impressed and motivated every time I hear Pam speak. Thank you for being a virtual and literal repository of Marketing and Public Relations information, it is priceless. We need you.

  • Pam Perry says:

    thank you Ty! I appreciate you.

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