[Watch]💃🏽 Four Steps to Define Your Why and Find Your FIERCE So You Can Shine Like a Superstar in Your Field 🎤 - Pam Perry PR

[Watch]💃🏽 Four Steps to Define Your Why and Find Your FIERCE So You Can Shine Like a Superstar in Your Field 🎤

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Ever wonder why you are successful in your career/job but not feel fulfilled? That’s what Nicole Roberts Jones discovered as she pondered this question. Here in this interview with Nicole, we go deep. We talk about HOW she found her fierce and has been able to teach others to do the same. It’s more than just knowing your purpose – it’s about how to turn your purpose into a paycheck.


Nicole writes a column in this month’s Speakers Magazine, here is an excerpt on how to find your fierce: 

This power boost was when I unleashed what I call my FIERCE. I call it my FIERCE because I felt so invigorated, alive, strengthened and restored just by tapping into ME! What you have to know is that your DNA, (your Distinct Natural Ability), holds the key to live as the highest and best version of who you were born to be. This discovery is at the core of the work I now do with my clients via my FIERCE Framework. To define it for yourself, you must answer 4 questions;

1. What are you PASSIONATE about?
What makes you come alive? What do you love to do?

2. What are you PROFICIENT at?
This goes hand in hand with the answer to question #1 as there are things that you are great at naturally.

3. What PROBLEM do you help solve?
Now with your answers to question #1 & #2, look at how your DNA can help someone do something or get to something they need, desire or want.

What you have to know is that there is a group of people that need that gift inside of you!

4. How Do You PROFIT from it?
Ultimately, you make a difference when you tap fully into your FIERCE and make money while you do it!

What I have seen as I have coached and trained people around this framework in the last 20 plus years is that many people either discount or overlook their gifts, do not realize that their gifts are tied to a certain group of people out there that need you and who will pay you! And they definitely do not realize that they can create multiple streams of income from it.

What I know for sure is that finding your FIERCE is not just your gift to the world but it also allows you to live into the abundance that is your birthright!

 ➡ To learn more about Nicole’s event coming up in Boston called, “BE THE ANSWER,” go here. 

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Eric D. Garner - June 1, 2020 Reply

I loved the article and just want to say Happy Soul Day to the both of you amazingly beautiful, phenomenal and extraordinary women! Here’s wishing you total happiness and many more wonderful days ahead! May God continue to provide, protect and blessed the both of you abundantly more! Keep empowering the people and stay encouraged!

Eric D. Garner a.k.a The Artist!

    Pam Perry - June 1, 2020 Reply

    Thank you Eric!!!God bless you too!

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