What Does Your Favorite Christmas Movie Say About You? [Guest post by Aubrey Perry]

Aubrey Perry

There are DOZENS of amazing Christmas movies…and if you’re not a psycho, you only watch these movies AFTER Thanksgiving. So I put together some movies and plan to read you based on your favorite Christmas movie. (If you get offended…I don’t know what to tell you). Lets get into it…

  1. The Grinch Stole Christmas


Ahh…a Christmas classic. If The Grinch Stole Christmas is your favorite movie then I am going to assume you have kids or a bunch of kids in your family. Why would you be an adult and enjoy this movie for yourself? You’re probably the auntie that doesn’t mind watching Frozen a billion times because it’s secretly one of your favorite movies. Nothing wrong with that…but maybe..grow up a little


2. This Christmas

If This Christmas is your favorite movie, I am going to assume that you love this movie because you see a lot of similarities with your own family. You’re not for that magical-fantasy Christmas b*llsh*t. You want to watch a Christmas movie where there are real people and real problems…because let’s be honest, what family doesn’t have a little drama? But of course, you are a sucker for a happy ending…after all it IS Christmas.


3. Elf

If Elf is your favorite Christmas movie, you love stupid-silly humor. You’re not trying to watch any sappy, or dramatic movie..you just want to laugh. And the crazy part is…you laugh just as hard each year, like you have never seen the movie before. Basically this movie is for the big kids. All the adults that probably think farts are funny. (My mom’s favorite Xmas Movie)


4. Home Alone

A real 90s classic. If Home Alone is your favorite Christmas movie, it’s all for nostalgic purposes. You remember watching it as a kid, and at this point it just feels like tradition to watch it every year. It isn’t Christmas UNTIL you watch Home Alone. You probably almost passed out when you realized Macaulay Culkin turned 40 this year…because he’s just supposed to stay 10 forever. Nope, time goes on..and you’re no longer 7, you’re 27.


5. Christmas with The Kranks


(I personally find this movie underrated…I lowkey DO watch this not during Christmas, sometimes). But if Christmas with The Kranks is your favorite Christmas movie then I am going to assume this movie allows you to validate your own feelings of secretly dreading Christmas. You probably didn’t start even THINKING about Christmas shopping until December 20th. So you can totally understand where the Kranks are coming from when they want to flee their suburban town during Christmas. At the end of it all though, you do appreciate Christmas – no matter how much the season stresses you out.


6. The Perfect Holiday

A Rom Com Christmas movie…the worst type of person if you ask me. Your favorite movie is a combination of the two cheesiest genres. I can only assume that you are a hopeless romantic, and you are secretly wishing to kiss someone under the mistletoe. You probably spend the majority of Christmas scrolling on Instagram in awe of everyone’s engagements posts…but the worst part is you LOVE Christmas proposals.


7. A Charlie Brown Christmas


If A Charlie Brown Christmas is your favorite Christmas movie then you are either 60 years old, or you’re lying to yourself. If this is truly your favorite Christmas movie, then you just live for tradition. I’m sure your Christmas tree is more sentimental than aesthetically pleasing (AKA tons of “First Christmas” ornaments, rather than an actual theme). You have seen this more than the average American, and you think you are better than everyone because of that reason. All in the name of ~Tradition~.


I hope y’all got the chance to watch any of these movies this Christmas season! All of them are honestly great movies, so I won’t judge you by your fav.. (; Merry Christmas from Aubrey Mariah Perry! 

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