🥰 What I'm Grateful For While Working from Home and Not Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic #puppylove - Pam Perry PR

🥰 What I’m Grateful For While Working from Home and Not Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic #puppylove

While I’ve always worked from home, I never had to “stay-at-home” all day.  The coronavirus pandemic has made simple things like going to a luncheon meeting, Starbucks runs, or traveling to conferences a novelty. But one bright spot I truly love is being at home all day with my dog – and I’m sure he loves it too!  He is never left alone anymore. Peppy is his name. And I’ve only had him for five years and he was four when we “adopted him.”

The story behind getting a dog was because of my mom.  She passed last year but was suffered from Dementia. She loved dogs and I heard that having a pet would help bring some joy to her life. So, I was telling my niece I wanted a dog for Mama and she said she knew someone that had a dog that needed a home.  OMG! Yes, I said. And it was love a first sight. Took the dog to my parents, and Mama quickly told me, “I can’t take of no dog.” I said, I’ll just drop him off during the day and pick him up at after work. She (and Dad) said, “No!”

mama and peppy

Peppy and Mama, first meeting…. they not really feeling each other. LOL

peppy and mama

Me and Peppy Meeting for the first time five years ago. He hugged me! My heart melted.

peppy dog kristen h

Me and my niece, Kristen… who was our “angel” that brought us Peppy.

papa and peppy

My Daddy. He said, “I’m not really a dog person.” Could it have been because he was a retired U.S. Letter Carrier?











So, now I have this dog – that I named, Peppy. And he was just that. I had no idea how much joy he would bring to my life. My daughter had just went off to college and it was just me and Marc, my husband at home. So I told Marc, it’s a perfect time for a dog.  I’ll take care of him; he grudgingly agreed. Well, just so you know, my daughter could not believe we had a dog.  She wanted a dog her entire life – and as soon as she’s off to Michigan State, we get a dog. She was mad!  But they did become best friends. Peppy wears Michigan State gear all the time. Even his leash is green & white.

sam and aubrey peppy

Aubrey and her college roommate, Sam and Perry, meet Peppy first time

Having a dog around all the time, especially during those “shelter-in-place” orders has made me so much more appreciative of this little fur baby.

I have seen a lot of other friends getting dogs during this pandemic too. My friend Delatorro McNeal got a puppy. Aubrey’s old college roommate got a puppy. I guess people are finally slowing down from traveling so much to really relish in have a pet. It’s #puppylove season.

Delatorro McNeal

Del McNeal and Simba.

aubrey sam faith and bear

Aubrey and college buddies, Sam & Faith with “Bear” – Sam’s new puppy.









Peppy literally goes with me everywhere. He even travels (before COVID-19) with us on flights out of town.

I even got him certified as an “emotional support” dog. First I did it for my mom, but then again, actually, Peppy is giving me the emotional support.

Sometimes if I am worried or upset, I look at him, pick him up and I’m cheerful again.  It’s like magic. Having him around picks me up all the time.  He’s such a sweet dog.   He even makes it into a lot my Zoom calls and webinars. 🙂  What brings you joy in this season? 


pam perry and peppy



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