What is Branding? [Podcast]






Many people think that having a logo, tagline, great photos, and maybe a website, blog and Facebook page is all they need to set up their brand. NOT!

However, brand, as we know it today is not a logo.

A logo is the tangible identity of a company in the market. Logos can be emblems, signs or symbols designed to portray the image of a company.

So you see a logo (which is essentially a piece of art) is not a brand. However, it is integral to the brand.

By branding – you are creating a PERCEIVED image – SO you must distinguish yourself, your book or your organization from others who do similar stuff or offer similar products.


What is your brand promise? Who do people say YOU ARE? Are they confused? Are you?

Said another way, branding is a way you can:

• Affirm your value to the market place

• Highlight your unique selling point

• Establish your reputation and create a loyal “fan” base

• Attract your core target audience and garner customers

It takes a long time build up substantial “brand equity” – don’t destroy it because you have a new idea. Stick with your logo, tagline and other elements you have set in place. You want to get to the point with your brand so that it is embedded into the subconscious minds of your audience.

When it is in the psyche of consumers, they will automatically connect a phrase or photo with you. When you hear a name – you get a mental picture or think of a quality.

If I say, TD Jakes or Oprah – you have an idea of what to expect from those “brand names.” They are famous, true, but they are also a brand. And a brand translates in business into dollars. That’s the bottom line.

A good example is the “Just do it” campaign. That phrase and “swoosh” logo are their brand. Whether their shoes are better than others – well, that’s how you see it. But regardless, you’ll pay a premium price for their shoes because they’ve branded themselves that way.

Branding in business is about building an empire. What does your brand say about you? You can gage by checking sales figures. That is a good indication of how well your brand is doing.

What will bad branding do? NOTHING. Meaning you will be invisible! NO action. No reaction! FLAT!

And there’s nothing worst than that in the marketplace. A BRAND MAKES YOU STAND OUT!

Here this podcast on How to Amp up YOUR Brand.

Your visibility gives you credibility.
What type of things have you done to establish your brand or platform?

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