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What is PR Worth in 2012?

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How much will you pay for a national publicity hit on TV or in a print publication? What is it worth to you?  How much would you pay a publicist to deliver your “wish list” of media hits?

What’s your media “bounty?”


Well, an established brand looking to “rebrand” listed their feature story wish-list for this season, and assigned each media outlet with a respective monetary value.

Here it is:


1. USA Today: $25,000

2. Assoc Press: $20,000

3. Wall Street Journal: $20,000

4. National Enquirer: $20,000

5. New York Times or LA Times: $20,000

6. New York Post or New York Daily News: $15,000

7. Top 10 Newspapers (those not mentioned above): $12,500

8. Top 20 Newspapers (those not mentioned above): $7,500

9. Top 25 National Magazines: $15,000

10. Top 15 National Women’s Magazines

(those not mentioned above): $15,000

11. Photo “mentions,” as part of larger piece***:

25% of above rates.

12. On-line or Internet only media “bounties” vary.

Please inquire on a per story basis. Most starting at $2,500

*** Incorporating a clear photo of Pine Brothers product as part of a larger story on related subject or topic.

All magazines ranked by Magazine Publishers of America.

Newspaper ranking source: Audit Bureau of Circulations.



1. Katie, Anderson Cooper, The View, Ellen, Rachel Ray, Jeff Probst, Live w/ Kelly and Michael S., The Chew, The Talk, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Arsenio Hall, Ricki Lake Show. $25,000

2. Network Morning Shows (Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends,): $20,000

3. Network news feature story: $20,000

4. CNN, CNBC or other major cable news, business or entertainment program: $10,000

5. Product visual & mention as part of larger piece/segment: 25% of above rates. Product must be clearly displayed and referred to by name.

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Now, this clearly shows the value of the role of a publicist. Most publicists have a “gift.”

And to be good you have to know the art and science of public relations.

Most people think they want to hire a publicist or a PR firm – but do not have a clue as to how much money they have to spend to get these kind of hits. Or how long it takes. 

Truth is…it takes a lot of money and a lot of time. Tons.

So, what’s the next best thing?  Do-It-Yourself. 

But, you have to know what you’re doing.  The media can smell an amateur a mile away.

So you have to learn how to be a PRO from a PR Pro, a seasoned publicist.

You can get PR Coaching. See if you qualify by filling out the application.

Or you can purchase our new DIY kit to give you a head start to “GET OUT THERE.”

pam perry get out there kit

Go for it superstar!

Shine! Get the PR you deserve.

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