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What’s Your PLATFORM?

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Find your “book hook.” Get some SWAGGER! Do your social media swag and build a list of raving fans online before the book is even published. That’s how you become a best-seller.
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As an author, you want to get your message “out there!”
But what do you want to say?
Are you an expert? An evangelist? A life coach?
Do you want to position yourself as a “brain” or a “creative” – or do you have endorsements that will speak volumes for you?
Whoever endorses your book will “pin point” how you will be perceived/branded in the market. An endorsement from the right person can yield tons of media interviews and make you sales. It’s an art of knowing how to get them and make them work for you.

Make sure your message that you communicate makes the media say “wow” and not yawn.
Examine yourself and find your unique selling position.
Ask others what they see? If they are say the sorta the same things, that’s your USP.
Honestly answer this: Why is your book worthy of media attention?Is it really news? Or are you just trying to make a SALE? Know how to pitch the media (More on that later).

For now, Do this:

1. Build your platform BEFORE YOU PUBLISH that masterpiece.
2. Talk to everyone you know, network, get a marketing mindset! Talk it up, a lot. Blog about it, a lot.
3. Before you finish the book, start building your tribe. Cultivate an email list. Become a master at social media. (See video below from my friend, Lamar Tyler)
4. Get bookings to teach/speak on your topic and work your way up to several a week if you can. Make your initial mistakes locally, and build a devoted following close to home.
5. Take speaking, voice or acting lessons, or hire a media or PR coach. Be comfortable presenting your information. Make it exciting!
6. Join the local Toastmasters or the National Speakers Association or Junior Achievement. The point:  practice speaking in front of people, get feedback and make contacts for other speaking gigs.
 7. Video yourself; critique yourself; and practice a lot.   You want to shine for the media and make your “followers” and tribe proud.

What do you do to build your tribe? How are you crafting your platform?

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Tracey Moore - August 29, 2012 Reply

I had just asked God how I was to build a platform. I have a book coming out in the near future, but no platform. I see how important that is now. Thanks for the info.
Tracey L. Moore
Oasis for My Soul:
Poems and Inspirational Writings
for Spiritual and Personal Growth

    Pam Perry - August 30, 2012 Reply

    God bless you, and you are so welcome!

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