Episode 38: Why Black Writers Are in High Demand in Hollywood with Executive Producer Shaun Robinson

If you’ve ever wondered how books become Hollywood movies, then you’ll love this episode with Shaun Robinson, former Access Hollywood co-host, now executive producer of Lifetime movies Lust and Envy.

You’ll also hear first-hand how Hollywood has been impacted by recent social movements to elevate and amplify the voices of women and people of color – and how the popularity (and profitability!) of books, TV, and movie projects that focus on Black audiences have led to more opportunities for all.

If you’re a Black writer, especially one with a dramatic real-life or ripped-from-the-headline story, this is your time.

So, listen in to hear me and my Detroit homegirl talk about: What someone’s No might actually mean, how one success leads to more for you and others, why Black writers are in high demand these days, 2 ways to promote your launch on Instagram, 3 reasons to have your audience use your hashtag … and more!

A lot of times, when you think you’re getting a No, it is a Not Yet.” – Shaun Robinson

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • A storyteller’s journey from Detroit to Hollywood
  • How a book becomes a movie
  • You heard ‘No,’ but here’s what they might be saying…
  • True Story! How one success leads to more opportunities – for you and for others
  • Why African-American writers are in high demand now
  • What Detroit built into its Black community, back in the day
  • What to do if God gives you a platform
  • Perfect Example! Two ways to promote your launch on Instagram
  • 3 kinds of stories that Shaun Robinson is looking to produce
  • Here are 3 reasons to have your audience use your hashtag


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