Why I Created Different Podcasts Over the Years #podcast

pam and marc perry

Starting multiple podcasts can be a great way for you to expand your podcast horizon. It gives you the freedom to explore new topics with new listeners.

Audio has limitless possibilities. There are no gatekeepers to tell you what you can and can’t put out there. This absolutely can be done.

brett johnson

This podcast is with Brett Johnson from Circle27 Media…. Here’s what Brett had to say: 

For the purposes of this episode, when I (Brett) talk about multiple episodes, I am referring to starting a podcast, creating content for it through its natural end, and then beginning another. And that is exactly what my guest has done over 4 times since 2005.

In this episode, I talk with Pam Perry from Pam Perry PR, PR and Branding Solutions for Seasoned Speakers.

She has gone through many iterations of different podcasts, which in itself is a great story. And we talk about each of those business podcasts that she created for herself, as well as with business partners. And how creating all of those podcasts has now brought her to her current podcast, Get Out There And Get Known.

What she learned from all those podcasts has now culminated what she’s creating right now.

Plus, she has some fantastic advice for business owners considering podcasting as a marketing tool.

Here’s some of her advice…

➡ Podcast, Pam Perry interviewed by Brett Johnson

  • on protecting your content…own your RSS feed! and to ensure success, plan your episodes!

Let’s talk about what podcasting can do for your business in the next 12-months. Whether you’re B2C or B2B, we can create a content marketing strategy that will work for you.

Connect with me if you would like to talk more about this. My calendar is available on my Circle270Media Podcast Consultants business website at circle270media.com

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Brett Johnson is the owner and lead consultant at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. With over 35+ years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, Audio Production/Recording and Broadcasting, the podcast consultants at Circle270Media strategically bring these strengths together for their business Podcast clients.