Why Pastors Should Publish Books

There are so many reasons why a pastor or ministry leader

should write a book.

Andrew Merritt

Publishing a book presents a unique opportunity for ministry leaders and lay people in the church.

Christianity depends heavily on education and training.

There is a constant stream of teaching in the church and among its members that is often times verbal.

Verbal education is great but writing a book is forever.

It is a perpetual message to the growing believer, which can be referred back to when needed.

When you are counseling or training someone it is great to have a book that reinforces your message and helps them remember and really apply what you have taught.

Every pastor can benefit from a book because when new people come into his/her church or they go out to speak to audiences abroad, they want to have their presence and message firmly planted in the minds and hearts of people. This is accomplished through a book.

A pastor’s first book can be based on the vision that moves him the most throughout the duration of his ministry and still incorporate other key features.

A couple of great features are a plan of salvation and a devotional section at the end of each chapter. The greatest influence on every Christian’s life throughout time has been the words of God and His chosen authors. What God chose to use to preserve His Word was a book!

QUESTION: What book (or authors) has influenced your life the most (besides the Bible)?
  • I’m working on a book from a sermon I preached but all I have are some thoughts and some notes. I don’t know how to do the chapters, edit, or anything else. I do believe I have some great and unique content. I have heard about ghost writers and agents that help get speaking enagements and get your book signings etc. Is that true? and how do you get their help?

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