Episode 28: You Can Become a Media Darling with Joanne McCall, The Media Polisher

If you’ve wanted to meet with a veteran PR pro who’s connected to top-tier producers at outlets like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The View, then you’ll love my talk with media insider Joanne McCall, “The Media Polisher” and national publicist.

Joanne and I have been in this arena since media pitches were done by fax and sharing a video meant FedExing a VHS tape 🤣. #oldskool #OG

So, you can count on us to know what has always worked to get media attention – and also what used to work but won’t now, and what has never worked and probably never will.

We talk about those things and more in this episode, which includes: what pros do before every video call or interview, 4 things you shouldn’t do to get noticed by the media, a media pitch resource especially for writers, Joanne’s good ol’ tried-and-true PR tool, the only guarantee any publicist can offer you, how to choose the right publisher for you, and what small trade magazines can do for you that CNN and Oprah can’t.

“The book is NOT the story. The book really gives the credibility.” – Joanne McCall

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Are you doing this before every video call or interview?
  • 4 things you shouldn’t do to get noticed by the media
  • What your book is and isn’t to the media
  • True Story! What one USA Today writer says about being pitched to on Twitter
  • Are you a writer? Here’s a media pitch resource especially for you…
  • Pro Tip! Exactly what to talk about in a 4- to 5-minute interview
  • Why your pitch should have links to your other interviews (and what to do if you don’t have any)
  • Are you aware of today’s big news stories? Here’s why that matters…
  • Joanne’s never-fails, tried-and-true, favorite, good ol’ PR tool
  • Why you need a long-term commitment with your publicist
  • The only guarantee any publicist can offer you
  • 2 methods for buying your way into magazines #pay-to-play
  • Getting media publicity, then and now – faxes and FedEx and VHS, oh my! 🤣
  • 3 ways you can get better results from smaller media outlets
  • How to choose the right publicist for you
  • Online tools, lifelong learning, and Joanne’s brilliant infinity loop


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