Episode 39: Your Platform, Your Media, and Your Message with Linda Lorelle, host of Our Voices Matter Podcast

You know I’m all about using traditional media to spread your message, and in Episode #37, Darieth Chisolm spoke to using other people’s platforms to build and grow your audience, but there’s a way to get out there and get known which has only recently become popular, or even possible…

Here in 2021 – thanks to Zoom, podcasting, and other internet technologies – you can own your own media. All the gatekeepers are gone! There’s no one to stop you from sharing your stories with your people in the ways that you want to.

Pause for just a second to let that sink in.

Now, hold on to that thought while you hang out with me and Emmy-award-winning Stanford grad Linda Lorelle – former journalist and TV anchor, now host of the Our Voices Matter podcast – as we talk about: what today’s technology makes possible, how owning your media lets you shape the message, who holds the stories that matter, why Clubhouse is such a big deal, how to video podcast like a pro … and more!

I want everyone out there to know that you are loved, and you are worthy, just like you are.” – Linda Lorelle

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Success Story! Using a personal platform for good can come full circle
  • What is “owned media” versus “traditional media”?
  • Ask this question to keep your interviews relevant
  • True Story! Shaping the message when you own your media
  • Are you galvanizing others through a clear call to action?
  • At last! Here’s why Clubhouse is such a big deal…
  • Want to get out there and get known? Linda’s sage advice is just 7 words.
  • The best part about virtual interviews (Thank you, Zoom!)
  • How to prep your video podcast guest like a pro
  • 3 online presentation pro tips from two 30-year media veterans
  • A bonus pro tip for y’all who talk with your hands
  • Need help with looking and sounding great in your next virtual conference…?


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