Episode 4: Your PR Campaign – Tips, Ideas, and Success Stories

If you think that showing up on social media is all there is to a PR campaign, then I’ve got a BIG surprise for you this week…

There’s an art and a science to a great PR campaign, and after 30 years in the field working with organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers, I can tell you that some of the technology has changed, but at the heart of it, the process – and the power! – of PR campaigns is still the same.

Listen in for my clients’ success stories plus tips and ideas for creating a winning PR campaign, including: three things every journalist is looking for in a story, what you need to sell your book, the big challenge when creating multiple campaigns around the same product, three things to ask your media contacts before you even plan your campaign, how my Ready-Set-Go-Speak program prepares you for your big PR campaign … and more!

“You’ve got to be creative about telling the same story, year after year.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What you need for a book you intend to sell
  • A few of my 33 questions for authors who are ready to build their platform
  • Perfect Example: The challenge is telling the same story in a different way
  • Success Story! Branding Accelerator alumna Racheal Allen in Crain’s 40 under 40
  • The 3 things every journalist will be looking for in your story
  • How PR campaigns start and how to keep them going
  • 3 things to ask your media contacts before planning your PR campaign
  • Where the media and journalists hang out online
  • Success Story! How my client Dr. Geneva went from no website to living her dream
  • A winning quote from Rev Run (did you know he wrote a book?)
  • Success Story! How endorsements brought instant credibility to client Ken Brown
  • The difference between pitching and offering value
  • This P-word is the unofficial P in PR
  • Why video testimonials are essential for speakers
  • How (and when) to test interest in your story
  • How doing a podcast serves authors and speakers


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