What People Are Saying About Pam Perry

Pam Perry is the plug! Need media attention? She can plug you in to the right people to get your product or service seen by those who have influence. I'd recommend her to anyone who is building their platform!

Ministry Marketing Solutions has been an undeniable asset in the promotion of my Christian fiction novels. Pam Perry, the company’s owner, has garnered me great exposure, helped me create solid marketing strategies and kept me before readers and the media in my target audience. Pam embraces clients with her heart and infuses passion and excellence in her efforts to promote their projects.

Stacy Hawkins Adams Author, Writer

Pamela Perry is the ultimate synergizer! She understands what it takes for a business to grow, thrive and flourish. It takes Strategic Alliance, A Plan and Human Resource. Pam is on a mission to empower individuals to embrace social networking and I am blessed to call her a business partner.

Karen Taylor-Bass Author, Speaker, PR Expert

I simply adore Pam! She is absolutely THE BEST at getting quality publicity for you and your Christian book or novel. How she does it with only 24 hours in each day is still a mystery to me! She is in-the-know, talented, well-connected, creative, and relentless about helping you to promote your work. She’s a fierce marketer, but Pam is such a sweetie at heart! She is an extremely loving and generous person. Pam pours out her heart and soul into every project she works on and every person she works with. You cannot go wrong having her working for you.

Genikwa Williams Author, Speaker, Preacher

Pam Perry's energy, enthusiasm, and passion for her work, makes her a force to be reckoned with in the PR arena. She is focused and relentless in marketing her clients and always goes the extra mile!

Pam is simply a phenomenal woman. Her energy, dedication to the people she serves and her expertise is unsurpassed. As a PR Coach, her #1 objective is to make sure you have every resource possible to be successful in gaining exposure to your project. She is very knowledgeable of the faith based industry and seamlessly connects people. If you are looking for a PR or marketing expert, Pam Perry is your person and Ministry Marketing Solutions is your company.

Pam Perry is a no-nonsense PR Coach that will give you everything she has to offer to help you “Get out There!” Her programs are simple in the fact that if you do what she says, you will get the results you are looking for.

I highly recommend Pam to anyone who has PR needs. In fact I continually use her myself as she shares valuable FREE content on her many websites, blogs and social media portals.

Pam Perry is the consummate PR professional. She has extensive public relations experience and has carved out a niche for herself with Ministry Marketing Solutions and puts a stamp on everything she does with class and grace.

I first met Pam Perry years ago as an intern and was delighted to learn from an expert. She is at the top of her game with the level of results that she delivers to legions of clients all across the US. Mrs. Perry not only delivers results, she exceeds expectations and is capable of handling tasks in any industry with ease. She comes highly recommended and is one of the outstanding Publicists not only in metro Detroit but beyond.

Pam knows her stuff! In fact, she is always a step ahead of the latest social media trend. You can count on Pam to show you something new in the PR field

I've known and admired Pam's passion for well-executed public relations campaigns since 1992. But she has taken her expertise and enthusiasm to the next level when it comes to social media. Pam has mastered what it takes to build and expand a brand online, so I have gladly sought her advice on web-based business development, and strategies for writers and publishers in particular. When I finally reach the awards platform, I'll have to thank my social media coach / prophet / guru Pam Perry!

Anthony Neely Writer

Pam is a top-of-the-line expert whose extensive experience is only matched by her passion for excellence and successful results for her clients. Once you have connected with her, she does not let you go; her coaching is never ending. She's a teacher that remains a student in her profession and everyone that knows her reaps the benefits.

Pam is a highly-skilled public relations and marketing professional who is well connected in Metro Detroit and across the nation. Innovative and creative, she produces stellar media campaigns and is a trailblazer in social media management. I have had the privilege of working with her during my tenure as a reporter at The Detroit News, Editor at BLAC Magazine and through contract writing work for the Detroit Area Agency on Aging.

Kimberly Hayes Taylor Author, Speaker, Writer & Editor

Over the years, I have had several mentors that helped shape me into an advertising professional. Pam Perry is one of those individuals. Seeing her work with Ministry Marketing Solutions, she's still a trailblazer in the truest sense of the word. Pam has always been very sharp and driven in every endeavor. Her attention to detail is unmatched. I have no doubt that her clients are benefitting from her great insight and energetic approach to marketing and public relations. I certainly benefited working with her over the years.

Clifton Simmons II Advertising Professional

Pam Perry is a consummate professional who not only provides a much needed service, she is a trailblazer. Pam has taken her marketing expertise and her love of ministry and combined the two to create a marketing powerhouse. She provides excellence in service, no matter who you are.

Established authors as well as up and coming authors will always receive the individual attention that they deserve. I highly recommend Ms. Perry for all of your marketing needs.

Jackie Moore Author, Speaker

To make it happen – you need connections. And an investment in Ministry Marketing Solutions is one you must make if you want your business/book/ministry to grow. I’ve gone from being a locally known multi-media specialist (brochures, logos, commercials) to being a sought after designer across the nation. She made it happen for me and I am eternally grateful. Pam Perry has the juice and connections to make it happen for you. You’ve got to be committed to her proven process of marketing.

I hired Pam after I authored my first book. I really did not know what to do next, but with her "Boot Camp" techniques and one on one consultation, I felt comfortable marketing my project. Pam also introduced me to the power of using Social Media.