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Get Out There and Get Known

Join Pam Perry each week as she shares the secrets to getting visibility and credibility that gets you booked in media places and on superstar stages.

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July 22, 2021

You’ll love this special episode with friends I met over 40 years ago at Detroit’s Cass Tech High School – Dr. Gracie Lawson-Borders, Dean of Howard University’s Cathy Hughes School of Communications, and Dr. Judy Foster Davis, Professor of Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications at Eastern Michigan University. We talk ...

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Episode 43: Black Stories Matter – Then and Now with Dr. Gracie Lawson-Borders and Dr. Judy Foster Davis

July 14, 2021

If you're a professional speaker or would like to be, don't miss this episode with Dr. Cheryl Wood – my first live, in person interview since the pandemic started! We talk about a number of challenges facing speakers in this COVID season, such as how to charge for virtual speaking ...

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Episode 42: Create Your Own Stage in 2021 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Wood

July 8, 2021

This is a special episode to introduce you to Nicole Loiten and share her story, because she is a great example of finding success by getting out there and getting known.Nicole has built a 7-figure business and a thriving speaking career by marketing her book and her company using the ...

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Episode 41: What Are YOU Good At? with Nicole Loiten, CEO & Author/Speaker

June 30, 2021

As a publicist, I get to hear what journalists, producers, editors, and other media professionals love, like, and hate -- plus what they wish for, what they need, and what they know.And the truth is that most people don’t really ‘get’ what the media is for or what a publicist ...

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Episode 40: To Get the Publicity You Want, Give the Media What They Need

June 26, 2021

You know I’m all about using traditional media to spread your message, and in Episode #37, Darieth Chisolm spoke to using other people’s platforms to build and grow your audience, but there’s a way to get out there and get known which has only recently become popular, or even possible… ...

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Episode 39: Your Platform, Your Media, and Your Message with Linda Lorelle, host of Our Voices Matter Podcast

June 16, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered how books become Hollywood movies, then you’ll love this episode with Shaun Robinson, former Access Hollywood co-host, now executive producer of Lifetime movies Lust and Envy. You’ll also hear how first-hand how Hollywood has been impacted by recent social movements to elevate and amplify the voices ...

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Episode 38: Why Black Writers Are in High Demand in Hollywood with Executive Producer Shaun Robinson

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