Episode 133: LIVE Media Makeover: The “Hot” Seat Edition

Get ready to dive deep into the transformative world of PR and visibility with me, Pam Perry, and the phenomenal biz coach @lenzyruffin LIVE on the air! This special edition of our "Get Out There and Get Known" podcast is all about putting YOU in the spotlight, showing you exactly how we elevate experts and entrepreneurs to be media-ready and business-booming.

Join us in this exhilarating "Hot" Seat session where we peel back the layers of your brand, providing clarity, strategy, and a sprinkle of our PR magic to position you for the limelight. Whether you're looking to amplify your message, increase your market presence, or simply get the insider scoop on making your brand irresistible to media giants, you're in the right place.

Broadcasting live with our vibrant Ready Set Go Speak community, this is your golden ticket to witnessing PR transformation in action. We're not just talking theory; we're showcasing real, live makeovers! Expect practical advice, actionable tips, and maybe, just a few laughs along the way (we love to keep it fun!).

So, are you ready to step into your power and shine? Join us, grab your notepad, and let's turn those PR dreams into dazzling reality. It's time to get clear, get noticed, and get ahead. Your media makeover awaits, and trust me, you don't want to miss this!


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💖 Let's light up your brand together! Be there or be square! 💖

pam perry

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