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pam perry podcast 55

Episode 55: Your 3 Keys to Getting the Media to LOVE You

After decades spent working in and with all of those big media industries – and in book publishing, too – I can tell you that getting the media to love you boils down to 3 things: 1) Defining your niche and being an expert in it, 2) Having the right materials, and 3) Treating your media contacts like real people. Exactly how to do those things is the topic for this week’s solo episode

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match made movie andre butler

Andre Butler Followed His Dream: From Pulpit to the Big Screen with Movie, Match Made

Detroit Pastor Andre Butler’s movie attracting a national presence; his new book addresses dating God’s way ADVANCING THE KINGDOM — To his distinctly unique credit, Detroit Pastor Andre Butler’s immeasurable writing mechanics have been put on display by way of a newly-produced movie entitled, MatchMade. Much to his delight, Andre Butler has been strategically set aside […]

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episode 53 -branding accelerator grads

Episode 53: Special Edition! Branding Accelerator Insiders Share Their Big Wins

Join me Pam Perry, Yolanda Spearman, Dr. David Walker, and Rodney Burris on this special episode to hear first-hand about the big wins and success of a few our latest Branding Accelerator Program graduates, including: their new book deals, big boosts in book sales and social media following, magazine cover stories, being featured in newspapers and traditional media, podcast interviews, access to the media through my contacts … and more!

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gotgk podcast 1 year birthday episode

Episode 52: Become Your Own Boss and Succeed with the SmallBizLady, Melinda Emerson

If you have an author business or a small business that’s trying to stay in business, then you can’t miss this info-rich talk with Melinda Emerson, known worldwide as the SmallBizLady. Listen in to our talk about the past, present, and future of small business, especially: the 2 problems every small business has, how the pandemic revived (and revised!) Melinda’s world-famous book, why you need to know about SEO, how long it takes to bring a dream to life (and a book to your readers) … and more!

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4 pam perry crisette ellis gloria mayfield banks friends

[Video] The Miracle of Friendship #BlackGirlMagic

Friends are like sisters in many ways. They always have your back and you can be yourself around them. You can talk about anything and they will understand, not judge, or criticize you for it. And when things go wrong, they are there to help you through it with a shoulder to cry on or […]

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pam perry gotgk podcast episode 51

Episode 51: Speakers – Stop Making Sales Calls! Here’s How to Get Hirers to Call YOU

To get your phone ringing and your private messages pinging, listen to this episode and learn: what people looking for a speaker are actually looking for, 5 powerful ways to share your expertise, your key to connecting to ideal clients, the one thing your copywriting MUST have (and it ain’t SEO), who’s watching you on social media, 3 more ways to spread your message … and more!

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pam perry gotgk episode 50

Episode 50: How to Become the Media’s Go-To Expert for Your Field

Get ready to take notes while I tell you about: where to publish your expert articles, what HARO is and why you need to use it, what to blog about (and no, blogging isn’t dead!), where journalists hang out online, the red flags that turn journalists off, how to prove that you’re serious about your craft, a simple Google trick that will keep you on the cutting edge of your industry … and more!

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