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gracie lawson-borders and judy foster davis

Episode 43: Black Stories Matter – Then and Now with Dr. Gracie Lawson-Borders and Dr. Judy Foster Davis

Listen in while we talk about: why Blacks need to own their own media, who will tell our stories if we don’t, how social media has democratized communication, the power you literally hold in your hand, impactful books that we’ve written and read, what to do when you don’t have a seat at the table, what makes the ‘Thought Police’ so dangerous, marriage and money and mentorship … and more!

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18 The One Online Branding Tool You Must Have

Online Branding Tool You Must Have

There is so much noise online. You want to stand out. To build your brand identity and increase your brand equity online. You don’t want to be a faceless mystery. Your goal is to build visibility and recognition. And today, I’m going to tell you about the one online branding tool you MUST have to […]

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dr cheryl wood on gotgk podcast

Episode 42: Create Your Own Stage in 2021 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Wood

If you’re a professional speaker or would like to be, don’t miss this episode with Dr. Cheryl Wood – my first live, in person interview since the pandemic started! We talk about a number of challenges facing speakers in this COVID season, such as how to charge for virtual speaking engagements, where to get public speaking experience when there aren’t public gatherings, and how to build your speaking career in your downtime and in the meantime.

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2 pam perry marc perry randall pinkett

What I Learned from the Power Networking Conference

Although it took place about four years ago, the lessons I learned at the Power Networking Conference are still at the front of my mind. Today, I want to examine some of those lessons and share them with you. The Power Networking Conference Thirty years ago, Dr. George C. Fraser had a vision to use […]

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pam perry on gotgk podcast e40

Episode 40: To Get the Publicity You Want, Give the Media What They Need

Listen in to get the inside scoop on what the media is looking for, including: public relations in a nutshell and its best analogy ever, the 4 characteristics of a top-notch story, the 4 types of media (and which one you pay for), your connections to the black media, how to make FOMO work for you, press release do’s and don’ts, why your email pitch has to be short, why it pays to be nice … and more!

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linda lorelle on gotgk podcast

Episode 39: Your Platform, Your Media, and Your Message with Linda Lorelle, host of Our Voices Matter Podcast

Hang out with me and Emmy-award-winning Stanford grad Linda Lorelle – former journalist and TV anchor, now host of the Our Voices Matter podcast – as we talk about: what today’s technology makes possible, how owning your media lets you shape the message, who holds the stories that matter, why Clubhouse is such a big deal, how to video podcast like a pro … and more!

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7 how to get started on social media

8 Ways to Get Started in Social Media (It’s Not Too Late!)

How does one get started on social media? Understandably, people are getting frustrated with social media because it’s changing so fast and something new every week. By now, it might also feel like it’s too late to start. Or you’re too far behind, and the field is too crowded. Many authors, artists, and entrepreneurs think […]

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