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3 Goal Setting Strategies – How to Get in Gear for the New Year

Your end-of-year inbox is probably crammed with tips for New Year’s goal-setting. Many are feel-good, rah-rah types of messages which are fun to read, but about as helpful as the endless “inspirational” infographics that flood your social media feeds.  And many are so generic, they were probably copied from mainstream magazines—the sort that make you […]

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Episode 8: How to Get Known – Part 4: Speak!

Apple Podcasts Android Leave a Review Download Are you tired of being a best-kept secret, but you’re having a hard time getting noticed in this noisy world? Getting noticed by the media is a science and an art, and after 30 years as a publicist, I’m here to help you get seen and heard! In this episode, […]

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Episode 7: How to Get Known – Part 3: Go!

Apple Podcasts Android Leave a Review Download In this third part of the 4-part introduction to my Ready Set Go Speak! system for getting yourself out there and getting known, you’ll see if you’re good to Go  By this phase, you’ve already defined, divined, and designed your brand, and you’ve also identified your ideal client […]

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Judge Leonia Lloyd

🎥 Client Interview: Judge Leonia Lloyd, Identical-Twin, Pens Memoir Celebrating Powerful Legacy of “Twins for Justice” Who Helped Transform and Restore Lives

When you saw one, you saw the other. They were inseparable.  Besides being identical twin sisters, they were the first African American pair to become commencement speakers together for their graduating class at Mumford High School in the 1960s – in Detroit – during the hey-day of Motown. Later, they would win scholarships to Wayne […]

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Episode 6: How to Get Known – Part 2: Get Set!

Apple Podcasts Android Leave a Review Download Following last week’s episode on getting Ready, it’s time to get Set before you Go and Speak! And let me tell you, the Ready time spent on your mindset, planning, and getting clarity around what you offer (and who you offer it to) pays off in this second step, […]

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