Private Monthly Coaching and VIP Publicity Services with Dr. Pam Perry

Unlock the Power of Visibility with Dr. Pam Perry's Exclusive "White Glove" VIP PR Services

Step into the spotlight with Dr. Pam Perry's Private VIP Services, a bespoke offering designed for established experts and seasoned entrepreneurs ready to elevate their brand to unparalleled heights. Dr. Perry, a revered PR maestro and communications virtuoso, brings her award-winning expertise to curate a tailored experience that transforms your brand story into a magnetic force, attracting clients and media alike.

Media Pitching Mastery: Harness the power of Dr. Perry's extensive media relations. With her seasoned skills in crafting compelling narratives, your story will be pitched to major media powerhouses. Imagine the thrill of seeing your brand featured on platforms like CNN, CNBC, and Oprah Magazine, amplifying your reach and establishing your authority.

Conference Brilliance: Dive into Dr. Perry's treasure trove of contacts, and secure your place as a keynote speaker at leading conferences. Her keen eye for matching the right person with the right platform ensures that your voice is heard on stages that matter, making every word you speak a step towards greater influence.

Keynote Recommendations: Benefit from Dr. Perry's insightful guidance in selecting topics and crafting keynotes that resonate. Her expertise in audience engagement and content relevance will position you as a thought leader, leaving a lasting impact on your listeners.

Contact Networking: Dr. Perry, known for her exceptional networking prowess, opens the doors to her extensive network of industry leaders and influencers. This exclusive access is more than just an opportunity; it's a gateway to partnerships and collaborations that can catapult your brand to new heights.

PR Placements on Steroids: Experience PR like never before. Dr. Perry's approach is not just about getting your name out there; it's about making it linger in the minds of your audience. With a strategy that's aggressive yet sophisticated, your brand will enjoy high-impact placements that drive results.

In this journey with Dr. Pam Perry, you're not just gaining a service; you're embracing a partnership that's committed to making your brand not just visible but unforgettable. Are you ready to be the name everyone talks about? Let's make it happen. Visit to begin your transformation.

Price: $7500 per month

Private 1 Hour Consultation with Dr. Pam Perry

Your inquiries find their solutions with Dr. Pam. Seize this opportunity for exclusive access to her expertise, tailored to address your urgent queries.

Dr. Pam is dedicated to clearing your path to progress, equipping you with vital resources, valuable contacts, and a tailored strategic blueprint.

In your confidential dialogue with Dr. Pam, she will delve into topics of your choosing. Following this, she'll provide a bespoke 'action plan', outlining clear, actionable steps for you to follow.

Dr. Pam’s goal is to get you unstuck and moving forward – with resources, contacts and a strategic plan.

During your private conversation with Dr. Pam, she will go over anything you want to discuss, then give you a “prescription” of next steps to take and make it very clear on how to take those steps.

The 60-minute interaction will be meticulously recorded, allowing you to fully engage without the need to jot down notes. Within a day following your session, you'll receive the audio recording in mp3 format or the Zoom video, ensuring you can revisit and absorb every insight at your leisure.

Price: $2500 per hour