Episode 94: Become an In Demand Speaker with Dawnna St Louis of Fyrebrand

If you don’t have enough time or money to achieve your goals, then you need to hear what Dawnna St Louis says about overcoming your excuses, fears, and perfectionism.

Yes, it’s real talk up in here today! I’m here to help you get out there and get known, and also to get paid, so this episode is full of showstoppers, mic-droppers, and unconventional wisdom on using high-ticket offers to earn more money — and spend less time chasing speaking gigs.

Listen in to hear about: How Dawnna bounced back after losing her $250M business, the vital difference between being rich and being wealthy, using haters to measure your business success, a better way to build your sales funnel (Dawnna says most people do this wrong), options for Black speakers beyond “being the preacher or the punchline,” how to earn more money with fewer speaking gigs, Tiger Woods’ perfect game … and more!

"I was wealthy because I had a wealth mindset... I know how to turn 15 cents into $500… When somebody doesn’t know how to do that, they’re rich for a moment, but they’re not wealthy for a lifetime.” – Dawnna St Louis

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! Bouncing back from losing her $250M business
  • The difference between being rich and being wealthy
  • Not enough time or money? Here’s how to break through…
  • Pro Tip: Your responsibility as a speaker
  • About that freebie funnel they keep telling you to use…
  • Pro Tip: Where you build from vs Where you sell from
  • Recurring revenue vs Chasing gigs
  • Is your high-ticket offer too low?
  • Need more money? What to do instead of waiting by the phone
  • Why charging more could get you more speaking gigs
  • The worst F-word Dawnna has ever heard 😉
  • How Dawnna made $300K when most speakers were struggling
  • Wise Words: Tiger Woods and the perfect game
  • Why Dawnna is out gathering publicity (and it’s not for herself)
  • What you’ll find inside the InDemand workbook


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