Episode 129: Speaking in the Age of AI: Alicia Lyttle’s Blueprint for Business Success

In this episode, Alicia Lyttle, a digital marketing expert with over 23 years of experience, shares insights into leveraging AI for business growth. As the founder of Monetized Marketing, Alicia's expertise spans roles in government, real estate investment, and public speaking. She emphasizes AI's transformative potential for speakers, advocating for tools like Chat GPT and Perplexity AI to streamline tasks like rewriting bios and identifying speaking opportunities.

Alicia underscores the importance of clear instructions when utilizing AI, urging listeners to view it as a capable assistant. By allocating more time to core activities, professionals can maximize productivity and achieve growth. Listeners can access Alicia's free book on AI and stay informed about upcoming events on her website, AliciaLyttle.com. With AI as a powerful ally, speakers and business owners can unlock new opportunities and propel their ventures forward.


  • Discusses the transformative impact of AI on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Shares practical tips for speakers, including rewriting bios and automating proposal writing using AI tools.
  • Encourages listeners to access Alicia's free book on AI by visiting AliciaLittle.com.
  • Efficiency and time-saving benefits of using AI in business operations.
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