Episode 120: Joanne McCall Shares Secrets to Becoming a Media Darling and Enhancing Your PR Skills

In this episode of the "Get Out There and Get Known" podcast, host Dr. Pam Perry invites PR expert Joanne McCall to talk about her new book, "Media Darlings: Shine Through Every Interview". The conversation centers around becoming a media darling, with Joanne sharing insights on how to exude confidence without coming across as arrogant, how to craft effective key messaging, and how to deliver sound bites that leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Throughout the podcast, Dr. Pam and Joanne draw on their extensive experience in PR and media relations, providing listeners with practical tips and strategies for building a positive media presence. She stresses the importance of preparation and planning, emphasizing that every interview should be approached with a clear understanding of what you want to say and how you want to say it.
Dr. Pam and Joanna also touch on the importance of authenticity and honesty, highlighting the need to be genuine and truthful in all interactions with the media. Audiences are quick to pick up on insincerity, and that being transparent and forthcoming can go a long way in building trust and credibility with your audience.

“What are the top three things’ people have to know in the order of importance? And then I would increase it, of course, because top three will get you through a four minute on camera interview.”  – Joanne McCall

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • POP QUIZ: What's a Media Darling?[00:01:02]
  • Becoming an Influencer [00:01:34]
  • Can you hear me: The Importance of Sound Bites[00:05:08]
  • Danger: The Consequences of Not Being Media Trained[00:08:20]
  • Top Yeses and No's When Dealing with the Media[00:12:56]
  • How to Pick-up Where Someone Left Off[00:16:00]
  • Value of the Triple: Using Triples and Finding the Perfect Soundbite[00:21:17]
  • The Motivation Behind Writing the Book[00:26:18]
  • Stay Connected: How to Find and Connect with the Right Media (upcoming book)[00:26:55]


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