Episode 64: Jumpstarting the Black News Hour with Gregory Lee of NABJ and The Boston Globe

You know I love a success story, especially when it’s in the black media!

If you could use a boost, come listen to Gregory Lee, Senior Assistant Managing Editor at The Boston Globe, tell the story of Black News Hour’s rapid rise (and enjoy his fast-talkin’ East Coast vibe 😊).

You’ve heard me talk about how vital it is to know your audience, speak to their interests, and serve your community, right? Well, Black News Hours – and its success – is a perfect example of that.

Listen in and learn: how Black News Hour started with a cold call from a local pastor, how the once-a-month show leveled up to weekly episodes from the jump, what the show means for young Black journalists at the Globe, its part in resurrecting a 200-year-old abolitionist newspaper, why you should always be your authentic self, the root of every major Black community movement … and more!

"You pick up a lot of things over the years when you’re around great leaders, and I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be around great leaders in newsrooms.” – Gregory Lee

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The double-dare that launched Greg’s sports journalism career
  • His authentic journey from an HBCU to The Boston Globe
  • True Story! The new, bootstrapping Black News Hour blew UP🙌🏽
  • How that fresh canvas serves our present and our future
  • Sneak peek! The business side of a new radio show
  • A snapshot of social media marketing for radio
  • Watching diversity grow across modern media outlets
  • Want to be on Black News Hour? Here’s how to pitch...
  • What you’ll hear next on Black News Hour
  • Wow! Resurrecting an abolitionist newspaper after 170 years
  • When the right men meet at the right time
  • The one thing that every reader, listener, and viewer cares about
  • Will you still be this impactful in your 70s?
  • Truth! Where every major Black movement is rooted


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