Episode 138: Brand Audit and Advice

🌟 Join in an exhilarating live edition of the Ready Set Go Speak community podcast! This week, we’re putting Nick T. Tinch in the HOT SEAT alongside my esteemed co-host, Lenzy Ruffin. Dive deep with us as we assess Nick’s brand, offering expert insights and tailored advice that could transform the way you think about personal branding and PR.

🔥 What’s in store?
Brand Evaluation: Watch as Dr. Pam Perry and Lenzy Ruffin provide a thorough analysis of Nick T. Tinch’s brand, highlighting strengths and identifying potential opportunities for growth.
Expert Advice: Gain actionable strategies and tips tailored to enhance your brand's impact and reach.
Live Q&A: Have burning questions? This is your chance to ask them! Join the conversation and get answers directly from the experts and community live.

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✨ Whether you're looking to refine your brand or just starting out, this session is packed with insights that promise to enlighten and inspire. Let’s get known, let’s shine—Together!

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