Episode 71: How to Make Your Dreams Come True in 2022

We’re over a month into 2022 now – have you made any progress on your plans for the year? Have you even made a plan?

Whether you have a plan or are struggling to make one, listen to this episode where I invite you to celebrate all that went well in 2021 and share my wins and celebrations, a great honor and my one regret.

I’ll also walk you through my top tips for making your dreams come true this year, even with all that’s going on. Even if you feel uncertain about what our new world might send your way, dare to dream and plan to win.

In this episode, you’ll find: The perfect Oprah quote for this moment, what it takes to be a top performer (it may not be what you think!), the magic word that’s done great things for me, why I want you to stop paying attention to social media (and what to do instead), why you need to binge-listen the first 70 episodes of this podcast … and more!

"If anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen through people, so make sure you’re getting out there and getting known.” – Dr. Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Your first step toward success in 2022 is a step back
  • My wins, celebrations, and greatest honor of 2022 – and my one regret
  • Why you need to binge-listen the 70 episodes before this one
  • The wealth of resources you’ll find in my Ready Set Go Speak program
  • The first thing to detox from your life in 2022
  • What needs to change in 2022 to meet your goals
  • A sure sign that the problem is you
  • The magic word that’s done great things for me
  • 2022 can’t be all about the work, you also need to do this
  • You won’t believe I’m saying to stop doing this…
  • Here’s what I’m suggesting you do instead (this part you’ll believe 😉)
  • Ways to get real in 2022
  • How to get to (and stay at) the top of the pile
  • And one more— no, TWO more things ✌🏾


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