Episode 35: From Medicine to Matchmaking to the Media – Masterful Career Pivots with Dominique Clark, CEO of Been Worthy

If you feel called to make a radical change in your career, business, or focus, but you think it can’t be done, then you’ll be inspired and encouraged by the masterful career pivots of Dominique Clark, who started with a career in medicine then became a 2-time Emmy-award-winning TV personality, professional matchmaker, and CEO and Founder of BeenWorthy.com.

Dominique is also proof of what I’ve been telling experts for years: your book is your business card, and it can also be your ticket to sharing your expertise and offering advice in newspapers and magazines, on television, and more.

 Listen in for true stories on: how to build authority with your book, how to identify what you’re good at, how a medical researcher becomes a matchmaker, what medical pros and media personalities have in common, how an old career can support a new one, the crossroads of passion and personality and purpose, 2 critical questions to ask yourself before getting out there to get known … and more

I learned quickly that it wasn’t the talent that you needed to build a relationship with, it was their team, it was their representation, it was their publicist.” – Dominique Clark

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Dominique’s 2-part secret to staying with your partner for 20 years
  • True Story! From medicine to matchmaker to media personality
  • Want a career change? What to do when you don’t know what to do…
  • How the media can support your career change
  • What’s at the crossroads of YOUR passion, personality, and purpose?
  • Pro Tip! Need to connect with celebs? Here’s who to talk to…
  • True Story! Your life’s work can be different from your degree
  • How experts build their authority (and boost their brand)
  • Two questions to ask yourself before getting out there to get known
  • True Story x 2! What you listen to can shape your life
  • How to identify what you should be doing (Hint: It ain’t hard…)
  • There are 2 kinds of ideas: good ideas and…
  • Are you dreaming big enough? Re: The Huffington Post’s origins
  • Perfect Example: How your old career can support your new one


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