Episode 45: Multimedia Journalism (MMJ) with Journalist-Educator-Author Yanick Rice Lamb

I had so much fun talking to journalist, educator, and author Yanick Rice Lamb that you may as well call this my “Women Crush Wednesday” episode! If you’re interested in Black media and the Black press, then you’re going to love it, too.

Yanick and I have been in the media industry for decades, from back before the internet and wireless technology – when we called our contacts, the phone was attached to the wall ... and sometimes it was a rotary phone.😊

We’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and know a lot, and because our careers went in different directions (Yanick to academia while I became an entrepreneur), we have a wide range of experiences to share with you.

Listen in to get the insider scoop on: MMJ and how it’s changed journalism, 2 of our favorite woman pioneers in Black media, how to make your story pitch wherever you send it, why Howard University’s School of Communications is at the crossroads of Black media, Yanick’s online magazine Fierce for Black Women, her other projects that support the Black community … and more!

Journalism today means you have to try to be first, and if you’re not first, you have to be different.” – Yanick Rice Lamb

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! Three generations of Black readers, writers, and educators
  • What MMJ means and how it’s changed journalism
  • A quick history of the Black press
  • Two women pioneers in Black media
  • 21st-century journalism means wearing lots of hats!
  • How to make your story pitch work wherever you send it
  • Success Story! It really is a small world after all😉
  • How the Fierce for Black Women online magazine was born
  • Success Story! Angela Johnson’s Valor Village featured in Fierce
  • How the pandemic proves our need for black media
  • Where Fierce reaches far beyond the typical news
  • True Story! Collegiate journalists fiercely followed Obama’s election
  • How high would you score with a news quiz?
  • How to advertise, partner, or be featured in Fierce for Black Women


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