Spring into Empowerment with Dr. Marcea Whitaker’s “Refueled and On Fire” 🔥

dr marcea b whitaker

This spring, Dr. Marcea Whitaker, a physician, speaker, author and master destiny life coach, brings the transformative event “Refueled and On Fire” to Baltimore. Featured on the cover of Speakers Magazine’s April 2024 issue, Dr. Whitaker invites us to a journey of personal and professional growth, focusing on wealth-building, leadership, and legacy creation through motivational speaking. 

“Refueled and On Fire” is more than an event; it’s an awakening. Dr. Whitaker’s strategies promise to ignite your potential, aligning with her powerful message of financial empowerment as a cornerstone of sustained growth.

Joining Dr. Whitaker are esteemed speakers who exemplify leadership, innovation, and resilience:

Natalie A. Solomon-Brimage
Nick T. Tinch
Christopher Hampton
Dr. Eric Holmes
Schellie FanFan
Gloria Betts-Caldwell

This lineup is a testament to the power of collective wisdom and the transformative impact of shared knowledge and experiences.  Also featured in this issue is Tenise N.Hordge. 

Register now at Refueled and On Fire and step into a season of growth and empowerment. Let’s embrace this spring as a time for renewal, leadership, and legacy.

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