Times Square Billboard – December Double Issue of Speakers Magazine #speaksellshine

times square billboard

In the heart of New York City’s bustling Times Square, the vibrant December double issue of Speakers Magazine beams from the iconic billboards, casting a spotlight on the power of voice and visibility. This month, the magazine proudly features Teri Donelson, whose dynamic presence captures the essence of this issue’s theme: Speak, Sell, Shine.

The dazzling display in Times Square, where millions of eyes meet the most electrifying advertising space in the world, is a testament to the magazine’s commitment to elevating speakers who are changing the game. Donelson, gracing the cover with confidence and poise, represents the pinnacle of success to which many speakers aspire—being recognized on such a grand scale.

This issue of Speakers Magazine not only celebrates the achievements of its cover star but also encapsulates the spirit of the festive season, doubling the inspiration from the first cohort of #SpeakSellShine and actionable tips for speakers at every level. It’s a beacon for entrepreneurs and experts seeking to amplify their message, magnify their brand, and achieve the kind of recognition that resonates across the globe.

Being featured on a Times Square billboard is a dream for many, and Speakers Magazine makes it a reality for its featured icons, highlighting the significance of visibility and credibility in building a personal brand. It’s a visual declaration that speaks volumes about the magazine’s influence and the transformative power of its community.

The December double issue is more than just a publication; it’s a platform that showcases speakers who master the art of influence and persuasion. It’s where the industry’s best share their journeys, offering insights into the art of public speaking and the business acumen needed to thrive.

As the bright lights of Times Square shine on, they reflect the brilliance of speakers who dare to dream big. Congrats Teri Donelson! Share on X.

The billboard is not just an ad; it’s a statement, a challenge, and an invitation to step into the limelight and shine. #speaksellshine