Episode 42: Create Your Own Stage in 2021 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Wood

If you're a professional speaker or would like to be, don't miss this episode with Dr. Cheryl Wood – my first live, in person interview since the pandemic started!

We talk about a number of challenges facing speakers in this COVID season, such as how to charge for virtual speaking engagements, where to get public speaking experience when there aren't public gatherings, and how to build your speaking career in your downtime and in the meantime.

Because one of the biggest mistakes we see speakers make is waiting for someone to give them a stage. Now is the perfect time to create your own stage!

And we'd love to help you with that. Listen and learn as we also talk about: who's looking to you for leadership and who you should follow, Dr. Cheryl's search for freedom and where she found it, 3 things you should work on for the rest of 2021, what you should have your eye on in the marketplace, the many stages you can speak from (most of them are free!)  … and more!

One of the biggest mistakes I see speakers make is they’re always waiting for someone to offer them a stage. Create your own stage!” – Dr. Cheryl Wood

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What feels like freedom (and what doesn’t)
  • True Story: What a speaker gives to the crowd and gets from the crowd
  • “Success leaves clues,” so what do you see coming next?
  • Pop Quiz: Should you charge less or more for speaking virtually?
  • How virtual speaking allows you to speak more and more often
  • Your juicy speaking opportunity for 2021
  • 4 must-dos for up-and-coming speakers in 2021
  • One of the biggest mistakes that speakers make plus what to do instead
  • What A.I.D.A. stands for and why it’s important
  • 4 types of stories you should share with your tribe
  • What’s worth more than ability?
  • And here are 2 other ‘bilities that come from that!
  • 2 empowering books that are on the way


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