Episode 121: Podcasting & PR 101 Strategies to Get Known #PodcastersRock

In this special episode, we dive deep into 'Unlocking the Power of Podcasting' and exploring 'Podcasting & PR 101 Strategies to Get Known'. Our guest is Sonja Keeve, an international best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, and consultant who has empowered countless women to share their stories and make an impact on the world.

Sonja offers a wealth of insights from her extensive experience in podcasting, and she's here to show you how you too can leverage this powerful platform. Whether you're a podcasting newbie or looking to refine your strategy, this episode is packed with tips and advice that can help you get your voice out there and get known.

So, grab your notepad, sit back, and let's dive right in!

"People can't work with you if they can't find you, hence the importance of having a visible platform like a podcast." - SOnja Keeve

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Highlights From This Episode:

●The power and purpose of podcasting, and how it can serve as a platform for sharing inspiring stories and generating positive energy in the world.

●The importance of figuring out your niche before starting a podcast and understanding the ultimate goal for your show to keep it focused.

●Her own experience with her show "Inspiring Nations", originally designed to give women a platform to share their stories. Interestingly, she found a significant male audience who find the content inspiring

.●How many of the women who initially started sharing their stories on her platform have since built multi-million dollar businesses, authored books, and become speakers.

●Encouraging listeners to not let perfectionism hinder them from starting. As Sonja puts it, "people cannot work with you if they can't find you."

●The accessibility of podcasting, making it easy for anyone to share their ideas without needing to write them out. 

●The best in equipment and Sonja Keeve’s favorite microphone

 ●The importance of remembering your 'why' –the real reason why you want to bring your voice to the marketplace. This, Sonja believes, will keep you going when the going gets tough.


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