Episode 7: How to Get Known – Part 3: Go!

In this third part of the 4-part introduction to my Ready Set Go Speak! system for getting yourself out there and getting known, you’ll see if you’re good to Go😊

By this phase, you’ve already defined, divined, and designed your brand, and you’ve also identified your ideal client (Phase 1: Get Ready ), plus your website, your headshots, and other marketing materials are all pulled together (Phase 2: Get Set).

Now you’re ready to reach out to the media! It’s time to pitch yourself to TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, influencers, and potential partners … But where do you start? Who do you talk to? What will they want you to do?

The answers to those questions and more are in this week’s episode, where I talk about: how to study the media, making sure your message is a match, where to start pitching, and how to make it easy for media contacts to say Yes. I also share real-world examples and success stories on how to ‘spin’ your topic to fit what’s in the news now … and more!

“You’re not going to be everything to everybody … Don’t pitch to a show that doesn’t fit you just because it’s popular.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The first thing to do after gathering all your marketing materials
  • Why you need to study the media before doing any outreach
  • Should you start with the top media channels or the low-hanging fruit? 🤔
  • Success Story! When your message is a perfect match for the media
  • Pop Quiz! Should your headshots be vertical or horizontal?
  • 2 simple ways to make it easy for the media to say Yes to you
  • 5 social media channels for connecting with media contacts
  • Media begets media – how you dial it down to build it up
  • Focus your media outreach with these 7 questions about your ideal client
  • Do you know precisely when your topic or niche will be newsworthy?
  • Why people love publicity (and you should, too…)
  • Should you pitch your message as an ad or news? 🤔
  • When you should befriend the media (hint: before you want something!)


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