Episode 117: How to Get More Media Attention for Your Business with Alegra Hall

Are you looking for ways to boost your social media engagement? Do you want to learn how to leverage publicity to gain more customers and clients? In this episode of the Get Out There and Get Known podcast, Dr. Pam Perry interviews Allegra Hall about what it takes to get media publicity. Hall is a journalist and the founder of My Media Buzz.

They discuss how Allegra has excelled as a television producer, how to make a personalized pitch to a reporter, and the importance of building relationships with journalists. With Allegra's and Dr. Pam’s advice, you can learn how to create compelling content, craft a captivating story, and build relationships that can help you gain more visibility and increase your engagement on social media.

You have to be your own advocate with anything else, whether it's your health or anything. You have to be your own advocate. So you can pay someone thousands of dollars a month, um, tens of thousands of dollars if you want to, for some people. And that's great. – Alegra Hall

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The Media Buzz: About Alegra [00:03:20]
  • Some things are made for TV: But not everything [00:07:05]
  • From Backstage to Front Stage [00:11:06]
  • Pop Quiz: Are Press Releases Dead? [00:13:39]
  • Get Personal: The Art of the pitch [00:16:36]
  • Get these tips NOW: Pushing the Story [00:22:12]
  • Personalize: Keep coming back [00:29:22]


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